Are You Ready For A Long Distance Relationship?

Long Distance RelationshipA long distance relationship is a very challenging thing. Many have tried, and many have failed.

On the other hand, I personally know many couples who emerged victorious out of the battle, who moved and stayed together.

I receive many emails regarding how to survive this, and what the rules are… and how to support a relationship when you’re thousands of miles apart.

Today I thought I would take a humorous approach, so you have something to laugh about (find the “real” 10 rules to make a LDR work here). Call it a funny aptitude check-up on surviving a love from a distance.

On the other hand, you can also turn every item on the whole list around, and end up with some pretty good advice on what’s important for defying the distance.

Here are 10 reasons why long distance relationships could be a bad thing for you:

10. Your credo is, “out of sight, out of mind”, and you are a very unromantic person.

9. Your second credo is, “wait and see” rather than, “plan and act”, and you are a very lazy person.

8. You don’t even trust your own mother. Everybody is a potential threat.

7. You are only interested in short-term amorous adventures. Your longest relationship lasted for 3 days only.

6. You keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself. Your shrink doesn’t even know your name.

5. You are a couch-potato, leaving your apartment makes you freak out ’cause it’s a real world out there.

4. You hate to be on the phone, because you work 12 hours a day in a call-center, where you have to sell insurance to lonely housewives.

3. You call your boy/girlfriend in the middle of the night, just to check if he/she’s at home, then drive by, checking to see if their lights are on.

2. You are a computer noob. You think that yahoo messenger is a lottery cash notifier.

And the Number One Reason for not being suitable for LDR is:

1. You are just so pessimistic, that you look for the coffin when you see flowers.

If the above apply to you, then I recommend that you stay away from this kind of relationship. Otherwise, you will have a good chance for surviving.

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Your friend,
Eddie Corbano

  • a good laugh…until it hit me in the gut. My boyfriend fits many of these points.. No wonder we are having massive stresses with the distance.

  • Hi.. Soo.. Im 17 in a long distance relashionship. It has lasted 6 months soo far and I love him, and he loves me. Unfortunatelly we live in diferent continents. But I still feel the same way about him and probably love him more. My only problem is that im soo young I dont know what im going to do after grad ill probably stay and get an education and I just see us developing two different lives and I want to know how to make them meet up somehow or if im two young to be in this type of relationship. But I trully think Ive found the love of my life

  • NY-BOSTON says:

    I was in a LDR for two years. It was great for the first year, then reality sank in. LDR suck! It comes with alot of emptiness, and most of the time just doesnt feel like a ‘real’ relationship. To me it felt like I was living a double life. My life was here, but my love was there. I will never get into a LDR again.

  • New Jersey says:

    I just got out of a long distance relationship though I wish things could have worked out, but it is very trying when you don’t seem to spend enough time together when you are together . It’s much easier when you live close you get get more aquainted and connect a lot better. On all areas of your lives. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder . Wonder if there is truth in that saying when they are in this type of situation.

  • Avis Bailee says:

    In my Opinion, A Long distance relationship is no different. If he has any interest in making it work out, then he needs to make the effort to do his part – whether that be calling or whatever is necessary. If he cannot bring himself to get over being “bad” about calling/answering, then obviously he is not too concerned about making the relationship work.

  • hmm… I’m not sure how correct this is. 9,8, and 6 apply to me and I’ve been in a distance relationship for almost three years and it’s still going strong. I’d say that you have to be easy going and tolerant.

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