Skills of Real Men

Who wants to be a REAL man?

What IS a real man anyway?

Maybe it is the lonely “cowboy-type,” who rides through the wilderness, his horse is his only friend (This type seems to be emotionally unavailable, thus not very useful to women. Have you ever seen the Marlboro Man with a girl in his arms)?

Or maybe it is the brave fireman, running into a burning house unselfishly risking his life to save others?

It is definitely NOT the “artist-type,” who lives in his own complicated world trying to express what is inside him, is it?

Whatever type it is, and I don't pretend to know the answer, it seems that it's defined by the skills you have and the action you take, rather than by your looks.

The magazine Esquire has put together a list of the 25 essential skills every man should ever have.

Some of them seem to be very useful and mannish.

Like for example “give a good massage,” “wire a ceiling fixture” or “skin a moose” (While the latter seems to be the ultimate man-skill, I seriously question its usefulness – especially when you are living in a big town, but hey, you never know).

Others, on the other hand, seem not to make sense for the modern urban man at first glance, like for example “fell a tree” or “kill an injured animal.”

But, see for yourself and make your own opinion.

Here's the link:

25 Skills Every Man Should Know

Whatever you do, whatever skills you acquire, remember: being a man starts first in your head … I think.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano