5 Relationship TipsWhich moments will you remember when you are really old and looking back at your life? Will you remember your greatest moments? Your victories? Your achievements? Yes you will. Will you realize that what made life worth living, were the great moments you had with the love of your life? You most definitely will.

When I work with couples I very often advise them how important it is to create memorable moments together.

What do I mean by memorable moments?

Memorable moments are situations you create consciously or that happen accidentally that tie your relationship bond closer together. They make you realize, how happy you are together. Those are rare moments, which flash into your life and we use to call true love moments.

Ever had one of those? Aren't they great, worth remembering, worth living for?

If you had not so many of those, then why not actively create them?

No ideas?

I have collected 5 very special memorable experiences for you that I have made myself and which I consider the perfect choice for making them shining beacons in the history of your relationship.

Here are 5 very special experiences you have to make with your partner before you die:

1. Kiss in the rain

You may think that it is nothing special, but this is so underestimated. If you do it right, it could be a wonderful romantic experience.

Pick a day, preferable a summer day, when it really pours. Get on the street an kiss your heart out. The trick is to not care whether you are about to get completely wet.

For inspiration, check out the movie The Notebook and the wonderful romantic rain-kiss-scene at the end.

2. Message in a bottle together

It's really simple, and yet so effective.

Write a letter together. It can be anything, as long it's related to you both. It could be a poem you like, or the story how you've met, it doesn't matter as long as it has a true mutual meaning.

Then go to a romantic place, preferably a big river or the ocean. If there are none of these nearby, why not taking a day off for a mini-vacation. Put the letter in a bottle, put a cork in it and throw it ceremoniously into the water. Don't forget a little speech.

Give meaning to it and I guarantee you, you will never ever forget that.

3. Go to a retirement home and have a talk about relationships with a 90-year-old

You've read my article about the retirement home and my experiences there. Do something similar. Pick a nice retirement home, pretend you were visiting your grandparents and ask questions, ask for their relationship tips.

You will be surprised by the outcome, I promise. You don't need to be shy, elder people are very chatty, friendly and communicative.

4. Make love on the beach

This is a classic one. But who has actually made it? Have you? Be aware that it is not easy to accomplish (try it on the crowded beaches of Spain), you need the right place and the right moment, but it's definitely something you must do. Just you two and the sky full of stars.

Trust me on this one.

5. Plant a tree together

Another classic. Something we usually set as a life-goal and do it alone. I recommend that you plant a tree together. Call it a tree of love. But do not be surprised by the amount of work you have to put in.

It'll definitely be worthwhile, especially when you come back years later and see how it has grown beautifully.

5 great experiences to make, just pick the ones you like most and then go for it. No excuses, no delay, just do it.

Those are special experiences that usually do not happen accidentally (besides the rain-kissing maybe). You can plan them ahead emphasizing their importance and I'm sure you will treasure them in the future. They will strengthen your relationship getting you closer to each other.

In the end, all that is going to be left are your experiences, memories, and lessons you have learned through life that made you the person you are. One of the greatest gifts you will then possess is the knowledge that you've had wonderful moments of true love. Your life wasn't wasted.

Cheesy, I know, but so true.

All the best,
Eddie Corbano

(Photograph is from istockphoto / vgstudio)