7 Golden Relationship Tips From Our Grandparents

Relationship TipsYou will never guess where I went a few weeks ago.

A very good friend of mine asked me to accompany her to her grandparents. She didn’t want to go alone, because their place was “a little weird”. I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but I said yes.

It turned out that “their place” was a retirement home.

I immediately had a picture in my mind – a mixture of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and the “Simpsons-Grandpa-Retirement-Surrounding”, where old people sleepwalk through rotten corridors, aimless and under medication like zombies.

It turned out I was wrong. Terribly wrong.

What I found was some kind of paradise on earth.

It was a vast compound with cottages, golf courses, outdoor restaurants, swimming pools, you name it. All in all, a tropical island paradise.

Not bad for retirement, is it?

The pensioners behaved more like teenagers than senior citizens. They laughed, giggled, played around, having fun.

While my friend talked to her grandparents, I was sitting on a rocking chair enjoying the view, when a stunning looking 73-year old lady approached me:

“What is such a cute guy doing alone at this place?”

The classic of all pick-up lines.

After 5 seconds in a shock-state, I replied:

“… looking out for new grazing land.”

Just when I thought I was too bold, we started the most wonderful and interesting conversation I’ve had for years.

Her name was Louise, and after a while of talking, I told her that I was a relationship coach and was helping people to have healthy relationships. She then proclaimed proudly that she had been married happily for nearly 53 years, and that she had the ultimate relationship tips for me.

By that time, more and more of her friends surrounded us, and before I realized what had happened, they offered me all together on a silver platter their ultimate, personal 7 relationship tips.

Of course, I want to share them with you, so here they are,

The 7 Golden Relationship Tips From Our Grandparents:

  1. Always talk with your partner about your problems
  2. Take care of each other, and respect each other
  3. Spend time with each other, but don’t forget to take time for yourself
  4. Learn to cook delicious meals
  5. Know and respect the differences between you
  6. Be patient, and always try to compromise
  7. Always do his laundry

I bet you assume I’ve put the last one in myself.

Nooo… I haven’t. That was a real relationship tip from a likeable 68-year old grandma.

Believe it or not.

That’s it. You have to decide for yourself what you find useful, and what was maybe useful 50 years ago. I don’t judge.

But take a little advice from me – what was useful relationship advice 2000 years ago, for the most part, still is today.

All the best,

Eddie Corbano

  • sam lanuza says:

    The tips are so true. =) do his laundry.. simple yet has a big impact. also learn to cook delicious meals… very well said…

  • Niamh Francis says:

    Sharing problems is a biggie, if you don’t, you’ll give each other a sense of mistrust or make each other feel less needed.

  • wow!i enjoy it all,but the laundary part is sensible.i agree totally!

  • Long Distance Diva says:

    I guess the laundry part is in there so you can check his pocket. I kid, I kid. Good advice.

  • Yeah, that was kind of weird for me too, but the lovely lady insisted that I put it on the list. As a “secret weapon” I suppose đŸ˜‰

    Different times, different opinions…

  • “Always do his laundries” that’s funny… why should a woman always bear the responsibilities to work out a relationship. Time has changed… now the ball is in the women’s court.

  • Great tip! Simple but practical. The best part of the tip is that it came all the way from elderly people who really enjoy their relationships happily.

    I feel warmness and touched by what they shared. It’s easy and simple yet very seldom people do it. I would like to post this on my blog too.

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