We live in a world where technology prevails and has taken over a huge part of our lives. What once was deemed unthinkable, technology makes it happen every day all around the world.

Unfortunately, it does so also in areas that were formerly reserved for personal inter-human contact.

In a recent survey, over 100 students in the US were asked whether they have ever been broken up with by their partner via technology, for example over text-message or email.

The result was admittedly a little shocking for me – over 28% of the students have been dumped this way, and another 10% would do it themselves to their partners.

This may seem surprising at first, but when we give it a little more thought, it is a logical progression in our modern society that is heading towards as little “real” contact as humanly possible.

Why face a difficult situation and witness the consequences of our actions when it could be done from a safe distance – with the push of a button?

But to be honest, I don't see it as terrible as it is being made out to be.   I'm a strong believer in the human spirit, and I trust that we will come around eventually. I am sure that many of us still prefer to handle such delicate things face-to-face, as it should be done.

This is the least we can do for the ones we once cared for.

Read everything about the survey and this disturbing trend in an article from Dr. Benjamin Le here.

I would like to know, were you ever dumped by text-message or email? Tell me in the comment-section below.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano