Has It Happened Again???

Everyone's situation is different after a breakup, but the results are usually the same.

Most of us are unable to move on from our Ex.

Because we simply can't stop thinking of them.

We go through every minute we've ever spent with our Ex, torturing ourselves day and night.

What if we had done things differently?

What would have happened?

We are simply unable to break this vicious cycle of negative thoughts.

Does this sounds familiar?

Let me ask you a quick question:

Do you want to stop thinking of your Ex and move on?

Are you fed up with being the victim?

Do you want to take back control of your thoughts and heart?

Do you want to be emotionally independent, confident, and strong - and eventually find the perfect partner for you, who never leaves you, no matter what?

So why hasn't it happened for you yet?

Come on, admit it. This isn't the first time that your heart was broken, is it?

I bet you have made the same mistakes I did after my own breakup ...

Have you tried reassuring your love from them?

Have you tried begging, pleading, or staying friends with them?

I know I did ... and it didn’t get me anywhere, it just made things worse.

That’s why I know that you’ve asked yourself this already …

When Is It MY Turn to Find Real and Lasting Love?

In the next few paragraphs, you will discover exactly what I did to STOP thinking about my Ex and finally move on.

You are going to discover how to FREE your mind and start your recovery process, to be in your natural state - confident and strong.

You too can do the unthinkable, like I did back then.

Sound good? Okay.

Here comes my sad story ...

I Was Crazy in Love and Blind

Hi, my name is Eddie, and I wasn't always the successful relationship expert you know me as today.

A few years ago, I was just like you.

I never forget how I felt the day my heart broke ...

It felt like someone had reached inside my chest, grabbed my heart, and ripped it out.

We were the perfect couple, made for each other.

Marriage, kids, the “white-picket-fence” kind of life.

But then it was over.

Just like that.

How could she, after three years?

She dumped me right before our wedding.

Looking back, I should have seen the warning signs, but I didn’t.

Like so many people, I was crazy in love, and blind.

But here's the thing:

Getting Dumped Right Before Our Wedding Wasn’t the Worst Part

Ever see one of those movies where the bride is left standing at the altar - humiliated in front of family and friends?

I used to think, I can’t imagine how that feels.

Now I know.

Thankfully, she didn’t leave me standing at the altar, but it felt just as bad.

Getting dumped right before our wedding wasn’t the worst part, though.

The worst part was what came next.

The first week after the breakup, I felt numb.

I didn't feel that much pain, I just had the feeling that something terrible had happened.

Then it hit me really hard.

The pain came crashing and flooding over me like a tsunami, twisting and ripping my heart with the realization that I had to go on living - without her.

It was excruciating, unbearable.

"How was I going to live without her?"

"What had I done wrong?"

And It Went on Like This for MONTHS

For months and months, I tried and tried to get over her, but it was like she put a magical spell on me.

She still had my heart in her hands, like a puppet on a string.

I begged her to stay. I thought, "If only I could make her understand how much I loved her, then she would come back to me."

I was just making a fool out of myself … I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I couldn't bear her cold voice over the phone …

She knew I loved her, but she had stopped loving me, just like that.

Then Came My Worst Night Ever

I just didn't know what to do …

I kept thinking of her 24/7, basically day and night.

I was missing her so badly, it was excruciating.

When I couldn't bear it anymore, I would call her, only to be crushed by her cold behavior. And eventually, we’d have the same fight we always had when we were together.

But the crazy thing was - every time I would manage to get just a little bit of distance from her, SHE would call or text and pull me right back into the whole mess again.

It was pathetic!

I constantly drove by her place just to check if she was alone or not ...

I Internet-stalked her to see what she was doing and what she was up to ...

I would annoy all my friends by telling the same story about her over and over again ...

All these mistakes led me into a big “black hole."

And eventually, I collapsed when I hit rock bottom on my worst night ever.

I was stuck. I had no idea how to move forward.

By the way, this is where most people get stuck, sometimes even for YEARS ...

Then I Found Out What Was Holding Me Back All This Time

The problem I had was that I completely couldn't imagine a life without her.

My personal happiness was tied to her presence.

SHE was my definition of happiness, and I just couldn't ever imagine that anybody else could give me what she had given me.

I was caught in the obsessive over-thinking cycle, and I just couldn't get out of it.

Every attempt to NOT think of her caused terrible guilt.

I couldn't ACCEPT the breakup, let alone move on.

I was, at the end, completely destroyed and fed up.

I know I had to do something, or else I’d die.

That’s When a Miracle Saved Me

After the night I hit rock bottom, I was awakened by a terrible ringing.

On the phone was a distant relative I hadn’t heard from in a long time ...

He said that he wanted to have a little chat.

Because I thought he had some kind of new information about my Ex - he knew her well - I agreed to meet at a place nearby.

Then we met ...

And let me tell you - what he said to me that day in a little smoky cafe not only jump-started my recovery, it completely changed my life from then on.

That day, I was set on course to become the confident, strong, and successful person that I am today.

He asked me one question that made me see clearly for the first time since the breakup.

He asked me:

"Why do you think that SHE is responsible for YOUR happiness?"

Wow … hearing this just blew me away.

It was revolutionary for me; it really hit me deep down, because it questioned what I kept telling myself for a long time:

No Ex = No Happiness.

After he asked me that - followed by an awkwardly long silence - he shared the story of his own breakup that happened years before.

And I’m not exaggerating: it was the most heart-wrenching story I've ever heard, the worst breakup nightmare horror you could ever imagine.

Even now, 13 years and thousands of clients later, I have never heard such a tragedy.

He then told me the three things he did to get himself through that nightmare and become a successful and confident person (today, he runs a big law firm and has four children).

The three steps he told me were counterintuitive; at first, I didn't understand HOW revolutionary they really were.

That came later.

But I was determined to NOT allow this breakup to destroy me.

I was determined that I would use what he had taught me and get over her once and for all.

So here's what I did ...

The 3 Vital Steps to Get Over Every Heartbreak

My relative gave me a rough concept of the three steps, but very few details on how to put everything into practice.

What I needed was something actionable, with step-by-step instructions and exercises …

In other words, I needed to know exactly what to do and what to avoid.

The first step he told me was to stop the harmful over-thinking process, and he gave me a little exercise for that.

So the next day, for the WHOLE day, I desperately tried to stop thinking of my Ex …

But it was impossible.

I ran into the "pink-elephant" problem:

The more I tried to NOT think of her, the more I actually THOUGHT of her …

It was excruciating.

At that time, I was thinking of her 24/7 and it was impossible to stop ... I just couldn't do it.

I thought it was simply not doable.

Until I tried something else … and you’ll be amazed what happened when I was finally able to confront her.

Finally, the First Signs of Success in MONTHS

I remember the feeling when it all changed.

At that time, I read many books about psychology, behavioral therapy, and how the mind works.

I took this little technique my relative gave me, combined it with something new I had read about, and …


It worked …

In fact, it worked so well, it was unbelievable.

For the first time in MONTHS, I was able to stop this over-thinking hell. I felt free …

But I didn't stop there ...

I reworked this technique, tweaked it until it was easier to apply ... and with time and practice, I was able to completely take control over my mind and thoughts.

It was incredible.

The minute I had control back, I felt MUCH better. I felt relieved and free to make my own choices.

I suddenly knew what I wanted and more importantly, what I did NOT want.

It was a huge leap forward.

Now that my head was free, I couldn’t wait to make the second step that my relative had entrusted in me …

The Reason Why All My Previous Relationships Failed Terribly

The second step in the recovery is re-connecting to your true SELF.

My relative told me that most of us lose ourselves during a relationship. We compromise our essential needs, needs that define who we really are.

This is one reason why we feel so terribly after a breakup, because we lost connection to WHO we really are - our true SELF.

So the goal is to re-connect.

Again, this sounds so good in theory, but what exactly do you do? What are the details?

As before with the mind-control technique, I took what my relative suggested and experimented.

Like, a LOT.

I educated myself (read tons of books and visited seminars), talked to really smart people, went above and beyond ...

And after a few months of trial and error, I figured out a system that everyone can use to reconnect to yourself again …

A system for finding out what makes you tick and defines you as a person.

When I used that system on myself, it felt as if a life-long blockage had been removed.

I found out WHAT exactly held me back all these years and why I clung to my Ex the way I did.

And most importantly, I found the reason WHY all my previous relationships failed in the same way.

For the first time in forever, I looked confidently into the future, knowing that all would be well.

I would find MY special partner - the partner I was destined to be with. (And I HAVE found her, and we are still married to this day.)

I found out that knowing WHO you really are is the foundation of all the personal work you do.

Then I started to work on the third and last step: the step that made me meet my Ex and survive ...

The 3rd Step Finally Freed Me - I Did the UNTHINKABLE

The third and last step that my relative taught me was to become irresistibly attractive.

And I certainly don’t just mean on the outside.

What this really means is to use the foundation of your true SELF to become the BEST version of YOU that you can ever be.

This means becoming confident, self-aware, finding your life’s purpose, and in doing so, becoming super attractive.

And you won’t believe the inner change that took place when I figured this out.

I was able to do the unthinkable - THE ultimate test that I was over her -

I went to my Ex's wedding.

Yes, you read correctly.

Only a few months after our breakup, she apparently found her soulmate and decided to marry him.

AND she had the terrific idea to invite ME!

I believe that most people wouldn't have gone.

But I went.

I wanted to KNOW if she still had power over me or not.

I knew that it was a huge risk, but here's what happened ...

How I Went to My Ex’s Wedding and Made the Ultimate Test

I’m not going to lie to you ... I was nervous … terrified, even.

One day before the wedding, I thought that I was going to bail out.

But strangely, I didn’t.

It was as if a “stronger me” had suddenly taken over.

On that day, I KNEW I was going to pass that final and important test, and that it would change my life forever.

Here’s what happened ...

I went to her wedding and behaved completely normally the whole evening. I talked to people, smiled, and kept a stiff upper lip.

Then after the ceremony, it was time to go up to the podium and congratulate the bridal couple.

It was Face-Off Time.

I waited until everybody else was done and stepped up to them.

Everyone was staring at me, and all conversations in the room stopped.

I went straight to her, shook her hand, shook his hand, and wished them all the best. Then I turned around, looked at all the guests, and smiled a victorious smile.

Nobody said a word, everyone just watched me coming down from the podium and walking back to my table.

After that, I had the time of my life at the party afterward. People were coming to me congratulating me for my “bravery.”

I left the place with five phone numbers in my pocket.

I felt, behaved, and looked like the best version of myself that I could ever be.

I was super confident - and I totally nailed it.

This day was the BEST day in my life until then. No exaggeration.

(And by the way, ONE more unexpected, wonderful thing came out of that wedding … I’ll tell you all about that in a minute.)

How was I able to do something like that only months after my breakup?

Simply by following the three steps I told you about.

This is what I have done and what you MUST do too, if you want to stop thinking of your Ex, move on, and become irresistibly attractive ...

… and maybe face your Ex and prove to yourself that you are over them.



I did it, and you can, too.

But before you do, you have to know that ...

It Is NOT Your Fault

What you are going through right now, the pain that you are in, is NOT your fault.

And I'm not talking about who is to blame for the breakup.

I'm talking about the way you feel right now and why you aren't making any progress in getting over your Ex.

One big part of the problem is misinformation.

Nobody has ever taught you HOW to handle this stuff!

And those who give you advice usually don't know what they're talking about.

Friends and family tell you to let time heal your wounds, or to immediately jump into another relationship (men usually get that).

Society doesn't prepare you to discover your self-worth; it wants you to function in a collective without really taking emotional care of yourself.

All of that doesn't help, but it gets worse ...

Why Your Ex Doesn't Want You to Get Over Them

Another important part why this isn’t your fault is that the Ex is sabotaging your recovery.

Intentionally or unintentionally.

People often tell me that the moment they feel a little better, the Ex calls and pulls them back into the drama and pain.

There are two main reasons why the Ex does something like that:

  1. They want to see how you are doing because they feel guilty, OR -
  2. They want to check whether you are over them yet, because they DON'T want you to get over them.

Again, intentionally or unintentionally, they fear that they will lose power over you.

Because IF something goes wrong with their "new life," they can still fall back on YOU.

You are their safe fallback. (And trust me, you don’t want to be that.)

They don't want you to move on ... so they sabotage your healing.

That doesn't necessarily mean that they do or don’t care for you, but it is still out of selfish reasons.

All these factors just make it harder for you to get over them.

And I really understand how that feels - I felt just the same.

As if the whole world is against you.

As if nobody wants you to succeed.

So believe me when I say that it's not YOUR fault you are stuck.

But you CAN do something about it: You can get “your revenge” by getting over them and becoming strong and confident.

Their worst nightmare will come true:

You got over them AND became the person they always wanted you to be.

But now, they CAN’T have you anymore. That ship has sailed for them ...

Could there ever be a greater success than that?

I Am Not Alone - All My Clients Did It, Too

When I understood what I had to do, I mean, really got it deep down, I started to thrive in a way I never thought was possible.

Once I figured out the steps in detail and created an actionable step-by-step process, I really took off.

But not just myself, all my clients as well!

Here's what Sue experienced:

And here's also Brinton who had great results:

But there is still one more benefit of going through the recovery WITH the three steps that I haven’t spoken about yet ...

What Will Happen Along the Way

When you go through the three steps, when you free your mind, re-discover yourself, and become confident and attractive ... sooner or later, you WILL attract new love.

And not "just" love, but lasting “authentic love.”

Love with a perfect-fit partner with whom you are destined to be.

At this moment in your recovery, you know EXACTLY who you want in your life.

There's no more “accepting what’s coming along,” you are shaping your own destiny.

This belief WILL make things happen ... people will appear, opportunities will arise, experiences will be made.

This sounds crazy, I know, but this exactly happened to me.

My wife knocked on my virtual door the minute I was ready for her.

A friend that I first met at my Ex’s wedding gave her my email address. And one day, she wrote - just like that.

The rest is history. The whole nine yards … with twin girls.

This is what I want to happen for you.

I want you a partner like this:

"Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU. The one who turns to his friends and says, ‘That’s her!’" —A LovesAGame Reader

(Change the gender and pronouns around for your unique situation.)

Isn't a partner like this worth all the trouble?

It really is.

And this is the reason why I receive hundreds of emails every day from people asking for my help.

They want to achieve the same results I had back then … and they want real love in their lives.

So I decided to create something that will help them turn their life around.

I took my most successful one-on-one coaching and turned it into a home study solution.

That is when I created the DETOX Course.

The Ex-DETOX Course:
A Proven & Tested Solution For Emotional Independence After A Breakup Or Divorce

The Ex-DETOX Course outlines in step-by-step detail all the most effective strategies to:

  • stop thinking of your Ex
  • move on
  • become irresistibly attractive
  • and find real love

I've developed these over 10 years of coaching breakup survivors.

The course has taken YEARS to develop.

It's different than any program on breakups you've seen.

The problem with most "systems" offered on the Internet today is that they sell you the idea of getting your Ex back.

They pray on your pain and despair, offering you tips and tricks that don’t work and that are not good for you in the long run.

Because the truth is, trying to get your Ex back is bad for you.

Your breakup could be the best thing to ever happen - freeing you to grow and prepare yourself for the love of your life.

My goal is NOT to make the quick buck, but to help YOU.

This is the purpose my breakup led me to.

The Road I Had to Take Was Long and Painful

After my relative told me the three steps, I made many painful mistakes until I finally figured out how to best make use of it.

I had to make many sacrifices to learn this ... not to mention the time it took ... I could've been with my wife MUCH sooner had I only known HOW to do this earlier.

To let time alone do the work will take too much time - believe me.

And it WON'T heal ALL the wounds ...

Remember Step #2?

It's about uncovering your hidden pain and the stuff you've been carrying around all your life.

Will "time" take care of that problem?

No, it won’t.

It will continue to sabotage all your future relationships UNTIL the worst of all sins happens:

You become indifferent to love.

However ...

You Can Avoid the Worst Mistakes and Take a Shortcut

What took me so many months, you can do in just a fraction of that time.

You can avoid all the crazy mistakes I made trying to figure this out (some of them actually threw me back so terribly, it felt like she had just left me again).

Believe me, you don't want to make these mistakes - your recovery should not take a minute more than necessary.

Remember, the longer you spend making avoidable mistakes and depending on "time" to heal you, the longer you’ll be WITHOUT your perfect partner.

The perfect ONE will appear WHEN you are ready.

Not a minute earlier.

Important Milestones You Must Take:

A recovery from a breakup or divorce is a battle of self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from healing quickly and sustainably. There are seven main milestones that you must pass in your recovery to heal. Each one is a stepping stone to a better and stronger YOU:

  • 1
    Acknowledge That Your Ex Is Not The Right Partner For You
  • 2
    Stop Wasting Your Life With This Breakup
  • 3
    Accept That The Breakup Happened
  • 4
    Discover The "Pain-Points" That Are Causing Your Suffering (it's usually not what you think)
  • 5
    Consciously Disengage With Your Ex
  • 6
    Rediscover Yourself
  • 7
    Move On And Leap Into A New Life

"I am, honestly, noticing results already..."

"... after only three days.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, advice, and this program! I was in a terrible state when I began this process and knew if I didn't do something different, my life would fall apart and I'd just jump back into another unhealthy relationship. It's happened before... four times.

I refuse to go through that again!"


"The course work really is spot on..."

"The healing meditation and the forum chats are most helpful. Everyone is so very kind and encouraging. The course work really is spot on.

Other benefits are how true everything really is. How accurate all this to actually help you. If you allow yourself to do the work, trust and have faith you will be ok.

I recommend it to a lot of people. Seems this is common right now."


Why Should I Take This Course? Is It For Me?

A recovery from a breakup or divorce is a battle of self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from healing quickly and sustainably. There are seven main milestones that you must pass in your recovery to heal. Each one is a stepping stone to a better and stronger YOU:

  • have difficulties letting go of an Ex-Partner (no matter who left whom)
  • want to break your addiction to your Ex
  • feel that the love for your Ex prevents you from moving on (which creates frustration and a paralyzing feeling of helplessness about your progress)
  • are suffering from an obsessive over-thinking process
  • are feeling hopeless and fear that you'll stay alone forever
  • want to create lasting change after this breakup
  • want to attract your perfect-fit partner (regardless of your age)
  • want to bulletproof your heart from future breakups
  • want to become emotionally strong

The Ex-DETOX Course is probably NOT for you IF you ...

  • believe that time will heal all wounds and you don’t want to put ANY work into your recovery
  • are not willing to do the exercises and WORK on yourself
  • still think after this presentation that your EX is responsible for YOUR happiness and your only thought is to get them back

What Will I Learn In This Course?

Here’s how my Ex-DETOX Course can help you to break your addiction to your Ex, move on, and attract a perfect fit partner:

  • You will STOP the constant obsessing that is going on in your head 24/7. Once you can do that, you’ll be free to make your own choices … exactly like breaking an addiction. (Once you get rid of that obsession and start concentrating on yourself and your healing, getting through the day won’t be a problem anymore)
  • You will know WHAT you want and most importantly, you will know what you do NOT want.
  • I’ll show you how to “un-love” your Ex, so you are able to live without them. This is the first step to emotional independence.
  • You will change the self-limiting mindset that automatically comes with a breakup, so you can look positively and optimistically into the future. (You won’t fear the future anymore.)
  • You will re-discover your true self, so you can become self-confident and self-aware, knowing who you really are.
  • You will know exactly WHO you want in your life. No more accepting what’s coming along, no more dysfunctional relationships. You are shaping your own destiny.
  • You will move on from your Ex, so you can finally attract “"Authentic Love”" into your life. (The right partner for you is out there, and once you meet them, you will intuitively know that everything will change.)
  • You will become irresistibly attractive, so you can get the partner you want and keep them for good.
  • And so much more…

Course Description

The Ex-DETOX Course outlines in step-by-step detail all the most effective strategies to stop thinking of your Ex, move on, become irresistibly attractive, and find real love.

It contains lessons, audios, videos, worksheets, and assessments to monitor your progress. It is optimized for all devices: desktop computer, tablet, iPhone, or any smartphone.

It consists of four main modules and special bonuses (for example, the very popular "Hypnotic Healing" audio or the "Stop Toxic Love" eBook/audiobook).

What makes this course special?

The course is based on the experience of real humans through the course of over 10 years. Its effectiveness has been proven and field tested.

You will never be left alone; you'll progress step by step and find help and comfort in the member's forum.

A breakup is one of the most devastating and stressful events in life. This course gives you the knowledge and motivation to make it the best experience that will shape your life.

Thousands of members have used it to make lasting change happen ... and so can you.

Your Coach and Instructor

Eddie Corbano - LovesAGame

Eddie Corbano

(Relationship & Breakup Coach)

Eddie went from a rock-bottom experience he had when going through a painful breakup, to being the most respected breakup expert in the world.

Since 2005, he has made it his passion and primary goal to help people find authentic love after their breakup or divorce.

He founded LovesAGame.com, which has had over 20 million visitors and continues to educate, motivate, and inspire people all around the world.

Eddie has developed coaching programs and written three books.

He has been happily married since 2007 and is the father of twin girls.

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals & Mindset

This section will prepare and motivate you to