Eddie Corbano's  Ex-DETOX Course

Learn the skills, strategies and tools you need to get over your Ex and move on

A proven & tested solution for emotional independence after a breakup. Master the skills you need to stop thinking about them, move on & find new love — no matter your personal circumstances.

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your path after the breakup

Important Milestones You Must Take:

A recovery from a breakup or divorce is a battle of self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from healing quickly and sustainably. There are seven main milestones that you must pass in your recovery to heal. Each one is a stepping stone to a better and stronger YOU:

  • 1
    Acknowledge That Your Ex Is Not The Right Partner For You
  • 2
    Stop Wasting Your Life With This Breakup
  • 3
    Accept That The Breakup Happened
  • 4
    Discover The "Pain-Points" That Are Causing Your Suffering (it's usually not what you think)
  • 5
    Consciously Disengage With Your Ex
  • 6
    Rediscover Yourself
  • 7
    Move On And Leap Into A New Life

"I am, honestly, noticing results already..."

"... after only three days.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, advice, and this program! I was in a terrible state when I began this process and knew if I didn't do something different, my life would fall apart and I'd just jump back into another unhealthy relationship. It's happened before... four times.

I refuse to go through that again!"


"The course work really is spot on..."

"The healing meditation and the forum chats are most helpful. Everyone is so very kind and encouraging. The course work really is spot on.

Other benefits are how true everything really is. How accurate all this to actually help you. If you allow yourself to do the work, trust and have faith you will be ok.

I recommend it to a lot of people. Seems this is common right now."


Why Should I Take This Course? Is It For Me?

Your particular situation is unique.

Maybe you were abandoned after 30 years of marriage without any explanation whatsoever. Or you were betrayed, cheated on, or emotionally abused. Or maybe even you were the one who broke it up.

The underlying problem is the same in every situation: you can't let go of a former partner emotionally and physically. This manifests itself in the following ways.

The Ex-DETOX Course is right for you IF you...

  • have difficulties letting go of an Ex-Partner (no matter who left whom)
  • want to break your addiction to your Ex
  • feel that the love for your Ex prevents you from moving on (which creates frustration and a paralyzing feeling of helplessness about your progress)
  • are suffering from an obsessive over-thinking process
  • are feeling hopeless and fear that you'll stay alone forever
  • want to create lasting change after this breakup
  • want to attract your perfect-fit partner (regardless of your age)
  • want to bulletproof your heart from future breakups
  • want to become emotionally strong

The DETOX Course is probably NOT for you IF you...

  • believe that time will heal all wounds and you don’t want to put ANY work into your recovery
  • are not willing to do the exercises and WORK on yourself
  • still think after this presentation that your EX is responsible for YOUR happiness and your only thought is to get them back

What Will I Learn In This Course?

Here’s how my Ex-DETOX Course can help you to break your addiction to your Ex, move on, and attract a perfect fit partner:

  • You will STOP the constant obsessing that is going on in your head 24/7. Once you can do that, you’ll be free to make your own choices … exactly like breaking an addiction. (Once you get rid of that obsession and start concentrating on yourself and your healing, getting through the day won’t be a problem anymore)
  • You will know WHAT you want and most importantly, you will know what you do NOT want.
  • I’ll show you how to “un-love” your Ex, so you are able to live without them. This is the first step to emotional independence.
  • You will change the self-limiting mindset that automatically comes with a breakup, so you can look positively and optimistically into the future. (You wonÂ’t fear the future anymore.)
  • You will re-discover your true self, so you can become self-confident and self-aware, knowing who you really are.
  • You will know exactly WHO you want in your life. No more accepting whatÂ’s coming along, no more dysfunctional relationships. You are shaping your own destiny.
  • You will move on from your Ex, so you can finally attract “"Authentic Love”" into your life. (The right partner for you is out there, and once you meet them, you will intuitively know that everything will change.)
  • You will become irresistibly attractive, so you can get the partner you want and keep them for good.
  • And so much more…

Eddie Corbano's Ex-DETOX Course

The Ex-DETOX Course outlines in step-by-step detail all the most effective strategies to stop thinking of your Ex, move on, become irresistibly attractive, and find real love.

It contains lessons, audios, videos, worksheets, and assessments to monitor your progress. It is optimized for all devices: desktop computer, tablet, iPhone, or any smartphone.

It consists of four main modules and special bonuses (for example, the very popular "Hypnotic Healing" audio or the "Stop Toxic Love" eBook/audiobook).

What makes this course special?

The course is based on the experience of real humans through the course of over 10 years. Its effectiveness has been proven and field tested.

You will never be left alone; you'll progress step by step and find help and comfort in the member's forum.

A breakup is one of the most devastating and stressful events in life. This course gives you the knowledge and motivation to make it the best experience that will shape your life.

Thousands of members have used it to make lasting change happen ... and so can you.

Your Coach and Instructor

Eddie Corbano - LovesAGame

Eddie Corbano

(Relationship & Breakup Coach)

Eddie went from a rock-bottom experience he had when going through a painful breakup, to being the most respected breakup expert in the world.

Since 2005, he has made it his passion and primary goal to help people find authentic love after their breakup or divorce.

He founded LovesAGame.com, which has had over 20 million visitors and continues to educate, motivate, and inspire people all around the world.

Eddie has developed coaching programs and written three books.

He has been happily married since 2007 and is the father of twin girls.

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals & Mindset

This section will prepare and motivate you to start the journey, and having the whole way mapped out lets you know what lies ahead, which is extremely valuable. You will know what to expect while you go through the healing.

  • The Authentic Love 100 Assessment, to monitor your progress as you heal
  • The "7 Steps to Authentic Love,” an overview of your whole journey from heartbreak to recovery to self-discovery to Authentic Love.
  • The “Healing Manifesto,” the three healing statements that will counteract all negativity and put you on your healing journey automatically.
  • The "7 Stages Of Healing After A Breakup," the stages everyone has gone through, and how to best get past them.
  • The "Danger Of Toxic Love," was your relationship toxic? Learn about the signs.
  • How to Get Your Control Back, how to regain control and build a solid foundation for your recovery. 
MODULE 1: The "Physical Ex-Detox"

Here, you’ll find all the lessons for when the most important work for your healing is done.

  • 20 Lessons on how to best start your recovery journey.
  • How to maintain “No Contact with your Ex,” including the seven common problems during this phase and how to overcome them.
  • How to stop obsessing over your Ex.
  • What to do if you still have to deal with your Ex.
  • What to do when they contact you.
  • What to do when you miss them so much.
  • How to control the internet stalking urge.
  • Our special list of best distractions.
  • And much more.

One of the biggest challenges at the beginning is getting your Ex out of your head. And to help you do that, I've included my seven step process to control your thoughts and stop thinking of your Ex 24/7, which has proven to be super effective over the years with all kinds of people. Module 1 of the Ex-DETOX Course is the result of 10 years of trial-and-error and coaching with clients.

After completing Module 1, you will essentially have stopped being addicted to your Ex. You won't be negatively impacted by your breakup anymore: no more obsessive thinking, no more fear of bumping into them - you'll feel like yourself again.

MODULE 2: The "Emotional Ex-Detox"

I’ve also called this part the "Past No-Contact Self-Discovery Guide,” and this is where the real magic happens.

  • 16 big lessons here.
  • The three vital steps to independence.
  • Learn the techniques of how to rebuild your self-esteem...
  • How to establish self-love.
  • Find out WHO you really are.
  • Important lesson: Find And Resolve Your Hidden Core Pain-Points
  • The Personality Self-Assessment, the sets of questions that will tell you exactly what kind of personality you have.
  • The Life-Purpose Self-Assessment that will help you nail down your specific life purpose.
  • And much more.

After completing Module 2, you will know who you really are. You will love yourself, be self-confident and self-aware, and you will know your purpose in life. You'll know WHAT you want and WHO you want in your life. No more accepting what's coming along, you are shaping your own destiny. You are prepared for attracting and keeping your perfect-fit partner.

MODULE 3: The "Re-Opening"

It is important to know the right time to open up again...

  • Know the right time to open up again.
  • Know when you're ready to date.
  • How to attract and find the right partner: Your Authentic Love.
  • Learn the secrets on how to KEEP your perfect partner with 7 Golden Relationship Tips.

So after completing MODULE 3, you will be ready to make a leap into a new life, leaving past breakups behind you and finding the perfect-fit partner for you. You’ll also know how to ATTRACT the right partner and the secrets of functional relationships.


You'll also receive special bonuses that complement the course and are designed to make your recovery even more efficient:

  • The Ex-DETOX Hypnotic Audio: This is really a big one and a super-valuable tool for your recovery. Listen to this in the morning AND evening, and you will feel MUCH better. This stuff really works.
  • "Stop Toxic Love” Mini-Course and Audiobook: This mini-course and audiobook will help you to take a deeper look at all your former relationships and decide if they were toxic or not.
  • "7 Reasons You Should NOT Want Your Ex Back" eBook: This is one of my most read and most successful eBooks ever. You'll read through the reasons why you shouldn't want them back, and you'll get right back on track again.
The Member's Private Forum

You will meet wonderful and inspirational people here who are going through the very same thing as you are right now.

Stay motivated, get solutions to specific situations, and overall get things out of your system.

What Recent Members Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

No cheap tricks...

The thing that I like most is the wealth of useful information and material that's actually very timely - like the bit about how to anticipate and sidestep social media as a potential block to your recovery - and the material that's focused on personal development and growth and not so much on cheap tricks to say, get the ex back etc.

And I just took the healing 100 test and I've doubled my score in three weeks! Very happy.

— Dominique

I feel stronger every day...

The main reason I enrolled in the course way to give me a glimpse of light in that seemingly black hole I felt stuck in.

As a result of enrolling I feel stronger every day. It helps to know other ppl have or are in your shoes and that you are not alone.

The feature I like most about the course are the explanations of why you should have no contact and tips of how to make sure that happens. I also like the part of the course that helps you find your life purpose. I have decided to go volunteer at a local hospital on my free time and rock babies in the neonatal ward when their parents aren't available to be there for them for one reason or another.

— Tania

You should charge 5x the money...

I bought your course last year after a sudden breakup with my fiancee. It helped me stay sane. It helped me overcome it. 18 months later I am healed.

I can’t thank you enough. I think you should charge 5x the money of the course. You come across as genuine and your material is top notch. I followed all of your advice.

— B.

Your course saved me!

I was devastated by my family being torn apart when my wife left. Your course allowed me to find myself and to take control of my life! Thank you!!!! Forever indebted.

— Jay

I have truly seen an evolution in myself...

Thank you for creating your program because I have truly seen an evolution in myself and now know I deserve better.

— Sally

So much more than just a course...

This program is solid psychology and self-help: it addresses so much more than getting over yet ANOTHER breakup. It is a design for life!

— Mario

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  • 7 Reasons You Should NOT Want Your Ex Back" eBook
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