Positivity SwitchEver had a bad time in the morning while driving to work?

You see all the people around you on the train or bus, or all the other cars stuck with you in the traffic jam, and you just hate them. Everything seems to upset you.

You feel miserable.

Maybe you have some reasons to be, maybe your wife left you, or maybe you hate your job and just can’t stand another day in “paradise.”

Then it’s time to turn on the “switch.”

I wrote about this before, how to start your day successfully, I hope you’ve implemented my suggestions about using the law of attraction into your daily routine, they really work.

This is the best way to plant the seed for a successful and happy day.

However, there are times when positive thinking alone cannot pull you out of the mudslinging negativity. The problem here is that it gets worse during the day, like a self-induced chain reaction.

But you can fight it.

There is a neat little visualization technique you can use to fight negativity.

Here it comes.

The Switch Technique

Take a few quiet moments for yourself. If you have meditation experience you could even do this in a noisy crowded train.

If you prefer some quietness, take a few minutes at your work.

I want you to relax and close your eyes. Sit upright in a chair and try to relax you body for a few minutes. Concentrate on your breath.

Do this for 2-3 minutes, until you feel the body tension go away.

Now visualize that you have a hidden switch inside your body.

It is tough to find, look for it next to your heart. Imagine that hidden switch to look like the photograph above.

This hidden switch is a switch to your positivity.

When turned on, there is no room for negativity anymore in your life.

Everything shines in a brighter light and nothing, no matter what can bring you down. A warm flow of energy is unleashed which runs through your body.

It is turned off now as you can see.

Now we want to turn that switch back on.

Here is the important part: visualize vividly how you turn that switch back on. Feel how your finger touches that switch, how it clicks to the on-position.

The second the switch is at the on-position, you feel a warm breeze running through your body.

It starts with the heart and spreads quickly throughout your whole body. You feel the positive energy filling every single cell of your body.

You smile and feel nothing but happiness. You’ve never felt happier in your life. Enjoy this overwhelming feeling. Linger over it for several minutes.

After that, you will notice a dramatic change in your attitude. All the bad feelings, grieve and the aggressiveness towards other people is gone.

Check from time to time if that switch is on. Do this whenever you feel that negativity has taken over. Do not allow it to ruin your day, nip it in the bud.

Keep a look at this switch; it's worth it.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano