Happy New Year

For probably most of my readers (the breakup survivors) the year 2008 was definitely not their best one. For many others however, it was hopefully a start into a new and better future.

To me personally the year 2008 brought very radical but happy changes. I will never forget this year and what it meant to me.

I wanted to remind you that we alone are the masters of our own destiny. We are free to choose our own paths at any time and consciously create the future we want for ourselves. Never be afraid of changes in your life.

A new year is an excellent opportunity for a fresh new start.

I wish everybody a very happy, healthy and successful New Year.

If you need some help with New Year's resolutions, check out the article I wrote last year about resolutions that can change your life.

All the best to everybody, your friend,

Eddie Corbano

(Photograph is a courtesy of Mohan.M.)