This is a quote that was sent to me by a customer recently:

“How empty of me to be so full of you”

I don't really know where it came from, (it may be from a Janet Jackson song), but quotes like this take on a life of their own once they are released to the world.

I love this quote because it perfectly symbolizes those moments of awakening, of seeing clearly.

When you suddenly realize that all the efforts of getting them back, all the time and energy you've put in to get some kind of closure, were futile and useless.

That is the moment you realize that there is not much YOU left, but so much of THEM.

Some call these moments hitting rock-bottom. Some even call them “having an epiphany.” Others are just fed up with being the helpless victim.

They all have in common that this moment is an opportunity to start your recovery the REAL way – NOT being Ex-Centered but SELF-Centered.

Because as long as you do the former, true recovery will never happen. You will only delay the problem… putting a band-aid on the wound.

True and lasting recovery – one that prevents stuff from happening in the first place – can only be SELF-Centered. It's where you dig deep and tackle the problem at its roots.

And you can NOT do that while you are still trying to be friends with your Ex.

You will find everything you need to get started right here on this site… you just have to make the first step.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano