How To Get Back At Your Ex With Facebook – Use With Caution

While I was doing research for an upcoming article about the pitfalls of Facebook when it comes to break-up recovery, I stumbled across an interesting YouTube video.

It talks about an unusual way to get back at your Ex, and annoy them in the process.

While I didn’t think that this has much therapeutic value, it made me laugh hilariously. So, a little bit therapeutic after all.

Watch it first, then I’ll tell you a few words about it. Have fun!

I hope you had a good laugh.

Would I recommend doing something like that?

Let me tell you right away that I would NOT recommend doing something like that, and I will tell you why.

You pay a price when you try to get back at your Ex.

First, you have to invest a lot of energy. Energy that you might not have at the moment, and the little you do have should go fully into your recovery work.

Second, you give away all your power. You invest time and energy just for a short-lived feeling of satisfaction. It doesn’t help you long-term, nor advance you in your recovery.

It’s Ex-fixated, and not self-fixated.

Lastly, what do you hope to gain from it?

Your Ex might or might not care about it. They might or might not react to it.

Even IF they react, you might not like their reaction.

So, as I said, I don’t recommend doing the things mentioned in the video, because there is only ONE ultimate revenge.

And that’s becoming the best version of yourself that you could ever be… and it’s my job to help you with that.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano

  • First of all this wouldn’t work. Because hopefully At least one persons involved would be doing the 60 day no contact and the ex would be blocked or unfriended. They wouldn’t even see the posts.
    Made me laugh though, I needed it.

    • 🙂 That was my intent posting this… to make you laugh. This is not a serious recovery advice…

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