Inspirational Story - The Rocky Story

Today's inspirational story is somewhat different.

Everybody knows the movie “Rocky.” When we think about this movie a likable underdog who never gives up immediately comes to mind.

Nothing wrong about that – that alone could be inspirational enough, but do you also know the story behind the making of the movie?

Tony Robbins tells the story behind the movie, and I promise you, after hearing it you will see Sylvester Stallone in a new light (not to mention that you will be blown away by what this guy went through to make the movie happen).

Watch now how he had to sell his best friend – his dog – for $25 and how he finally got him back:

Here are a few memorable quotes for you:

“… he knew his whole life what he wanted to do since he was very very young, he wanted to be in the movie business. Period.”

“He said I was thrown out more then fifteen hundred times of agents offices in New York. I said there aren't fifteen hundred agents in New York. He said, I know, I've been to them 5,6,7,8,9 times.”

“He said he went to the number 1 guy. I got in there at 4'o clock, and he wouldn't see me and I stayed there, I would not leave, and I stayed there overnight. He came back the next morning, and I was still sitting there. That's how I got my first job…”

“He said I knew the only way I can do this as if it was the only choice if I burnt all other bridges, ‘cus if I did a normal job pretty soon I'd be caught up in that rhythm and that stuff and I feel OK about my life and I feel like my dream would just gradually disappear. I wanted to keep that hunger, that hunger is the only thing I thought was my advantage.”

“What did Poe do for you? He said Poe got me out of myself. He got me to think about how I can touch other people not to worry about myself so much.”

“I was so broke that I couldn't even feed my dog. I had to sell my dog, my best friend for $25. It was the worst thing that ever happened in my life.”

“Here's a man with no money, none, totally broke, offered a $125.000 and he walked away because he knew he real worth. And why, because he was committed to it.”

“The first thing he did after the contract was signed, he went to that liqueur store for 3 straight days and hoped to buy back his dog.”

Isn't this amazing?

Just imagine how this kind of determination can matter in your life.

Have a goal you wholeheartedly believe in, stick to it no matter what, and one beautiful day it's pay-time. Your dream comes true.

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

If Sly could do it, so can you.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano