The Secrets Of Ultrafast Break Up Recovery Newsletter

LovesAGame Break Up Recovery Newsletter

This is something I have been looking forward to for a long time: Creating a FREE break up recovery newsletter for you, which will help you with the most common problems you will encounter when breaking up or going through a divorce.

But I never got around to it … until now.

I’m happy to announce that the first “LovesAGame” Free Break Up Recovery Newsletter is live as of now:

The Secrets of Ultrafast Break Up Recovery Newsletter

What can you expect from this FREE newsletter?

First of all, the newsletter is on a weekly basis, so you have time to read it and to apply the suggestions and exercises in it.

Every issue is composed of a reader’s question and my answer, with some broader explanation for the topic.

I chose the questions due to the frequency of appearance and the relevance to a particular topic.

The topics are arranged as they typically appear when going through the phases of suffering from a broken heart.

How can the newsletter help YOU?

Because the newsletter follows the conventional 7 phases of a breakup, you will get great advice every week for the exact questions and problems that are relevant to you at this very moment.

What are some examples of the questions?

The first few weeks after a break-up are concerned with acceptance and dealing with the No-Contact problem.

So the first topics are:

“Do YOU Make These Mistakes On No-Contact?”
“6 Rules Of No-Contact If Your Ex Is Still Around”

Other issues deal with some other common problems and questions you might have during a breakup or divorce:

“What To Do When You Miss Your Partner”
“How To Deal With Infidelity”
“Does Your Ex Still Love You?”

and much more…

Another very useful feature of the newsletter includes the “Success Story” issues.

Read how other “LovesAGame” readers overcame their break ups and exactly WHAT they did. Read their inspirational stories, and get comfort that others have managed to get over it eventually.

So can you.

Is it really FREE?

Yes, completely free, no strings attached. If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe anytime without further obligations.

Why am I doing it?

I have been giving FREE email advice since the beginning of “LovesAGame” in February 2007, (a service that other coaches charge a lot of money for), and get A LOT of emails.

My goal here is to make my answers available for everyone so that everyone can profit from it and get over their break-ups or divorces faster than normal.

How can I subscribe?

Just click on the following link, fill in your Name and Email and click on “Free Instant Access.”

FREE Break Up Recovery Newsletter

You will get the first issue of the newsletter right away.

So, what are you waiting for?  Subscribe, take action and start your healing process right now!

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano

  • Hi Eddie,
    I am in week three of NC. I have absolutely no urge to contact him. There is only one thing I regret. I didn’t write a letter to go into NC. I pretty much called him a liar and an ahole and told him to loose my number. I don’t know how to “fix” this. I am thinking I should wait after the 60 days or more depending on where I am emotionally. I also blocked all his contact information. That stops me from looking at my phone and hoping he will call. I read your breakup news letter and it is very informative. Based on what my intuition tells me when my mind isnt all over the place our relationship is not over. But we needed this breakup. I am using this time to work on me and live a little. Do the things I had put on hold because my universe revolved around him.
    By the way, I broke up with him because he was cheating and did not show remorse and refused to admit to the relationship with the other person and continued to talk to her but also wanted me. So I “gracefully” excused myself from the situation. Best decision I made.

    • Don’t beat yourself up, you did everything right… and it’s forgivable that you’ve called him names after he cheated. Hang in there!

  • ME
    No contact is surely impossible when very young children are involved?

    • When you still have to deal with your Ex then you have to follow certain rules, like avoiding eye-contact and keeping everything strictly business related.

      It’s much more difficult but not impossible.

      I talk about that in more detail in one issue of my newsletter.

      Hang in there!


  • Do you have anything on your boyfriend going back to his ex.

    She had five years to work it out until she knew he was in a relationship and then she gets it and wants him back. He goes because of the history and of course the game he thinks he is winning. Do you think these instances every work out. Why can't people stay in a funcitonal relationship instead of running back to the dysfunctional fantasy.

    • This is exactly what just happened to me as well. They even broke up and got back together two times before I met him so you’d think they would have realized it’s not going to work by now. Six months into our relationship on the dot, he ended it with me (as sudden as ever…our relationship seemed absolutely perfect, and he even talked about how wonderful it was all the time. He told me I was it for him, all the way up until the day before he broke it off). He went back to his ex one day after we broke up, and I’d just like to understand what he’s thinking and whether they even have a possibility of working.

      • Hi RK,

        I am very sorry to hear that.

        It is really not worth the time to get involved with someone who is still into his Ex… unfortunately that is often not so easy to determine.

        But commonly, I’ll advice against it most of the time.


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    • I'm sure it's just a temporary malfunction of the system, please try again later. Thanks.

  • I love the letters, when I have a doubt about something I look back at Eddies letters and pull myself together again.

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