Inspirational Story - Purpose In Life

I wrote earlier about the necessity of pursuing a purpose in life and its significance for achieving happiness and a healthy sense of self.

Especially after a breakup or divorce a new direction is essential for gaining a new perspective on life.

The following short inspirational story reminds us what joy following your life purpose can bring into your life.

Author Joseph Campbell often talked about “following your bliss.” I heard of a bus driver in Chicago who does just that.

He sings while he drives. That's right … SINGS! And I don't mean he sings softly to himself, either. He sings so that the whole bus can hear! All day long he drives and sings.

He was once interviewed on Chicago television. He said that he is not actually a bus driver. “I'm a professional singer,” he asserted. “I only drive the bus to get a captive audience every single day.”

His “bliss” is not driving a bus, though that may be a source of enjoyment for some people. His bliss is singing. And the supervisors at the Chicago Transit Authority are perfectly happy about the whole arrangement. You see, people line up to ride his bus. They even let other buses pass by so they can ride with the “singing bus driver.” They love it!

Here is a man who believes he knows why he was put here on earth. For him, it is to make people happy. And the more he sings, the more people he makes happy!

He has found a way to align his purpose in living with his occupation. By following his bliss, he is actually living the kind of life he believes he was meant to live.

Not everybody can identify a purpose in life.

But when you do, and when you pursue it, you will be living the kind of life you feel you were meant to live. And chances are … you will be happy.

Find something you are passionate about, make it YOUR special life-purpose and combine it with helping others.

“Follow your bliss, unfortunately” and I will guarantee you that you will prosper.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano

This article was found floating around the Internet. Unfortunately no information is available about the author.