Break Up and Divorce The Final Call (An Update on My Coaching Program)

The Final Call (An Update on My Coaching Program)

Coach Eddie

Hey, I hope you’re having a great Sunday and Thanksgiving weekend.

Unfortunately, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving much here in Europe.

I think that it’s always a great idea to be mindful and grateful for the good things in your life.

We often take these for granted.

I do ask my girls, “What are you most grateful for right now.”

Most of the time, I’m shocked by their answers … often they are really profound. Kids understand more than we think.

Anyway, here’s …

An Update on Private Coaching

On Tuesday, I sent out an email asking if you would be interested in getting coaching from me (face-to-face, phone, or email coaching).

I didn’t even want to think about moving forward with this unless enough people were interested.

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Well … um … more than enough people joined.

I was actually shocked to learn that over 100 people raised their hand and said that they wanted to work with me.

And That Was a Clear Signal to Me That You Want This!

So, I am going to move forward with this.

I’ll be putting together a formal offer for personal coaching soon.

The Final Call

Moving forward, only people on this special “Coaching Interest List” will receive insider updates and information on the personal coaching program.

(Some people on my email list are only here for breakup advice, not because they’re potentially interested in personal coaching … so I want to be considerate of them and make sure that they don’t get bombarded with information they don’t want or need).

So, if you want to get information, updates, and early access to my coaching program, please make sure that you have signed up, if you haven’t already.

Click Here If You Are Interested in Coaching

Starting next week, I’ll send out a survey to this interest list so that we can create the best possible experience for everyone!

That’s It for Now

I wish you a great Sunday.

I hope that you can take some time off today and do something only for yourself.

Eddie & Bailey