How to Stop Obsessing About HIM and Re-Discover the Real YOU

… And By Doing So, Getting Over Him For Good.

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I hope by now you have realized that getting him back might not be in your best interest.

Then your one goal is clear:

Stop obsessing over him.

And eventually:

Stop loving him.

Isn’t it a curious thing that after all the suffering and all the things your Ex might have done, you still haven’t stopped loving him?

Chances are that you are also still idealizing him – putting him up on a pedestal:

“No one was ever a better partner than he.”
“No one could ever understand me better than he.”
“No one would ever be as attractive as he.”
“No one was ever better to my kids than he.”

And its culmination:

“I will never find a partner like him.”

(If your Ex was a narcissist, you might find yourself additionally in a neverending loop of self-questioning.)

When you believe things like that – even if you can’t help it – you are contributing to the main problem: not being able to let go, still emotionally clinging to him.

You are prolonging your healing time significantly.

Our primary goal should be – and I know how much you want it – to not just stop obsessing, and to un-love your Ex, but to get completely over him.

But what does that really mean?

What does that feel like?

It means:

  • You are able to stand in front of him, talk to him, and feel no negative emotions whatsoever.
  • You have given up the idea of having any future with him.
  • You don’t allow him to pull you into a negative behavior pattern.
  • He has entirely lost power over you.
  • You now realize that the partnership wasn’t that ideal after all (or you now realize the full scope of his narcissism).
  • You finally understand what went wrong and how to make future relationships last.

A “right” recovery leads into that kind of realization.

It’s a deeper understanding of all the things that lie beneath the pain and suffering (important!) –

A deeper understanding of YOU.

And with such an understanding comes a clearer picture of what you really want in a relationship – and what a potential future partner might look like.

But we don’t realize something like that right at the beginning (sadly, most people not even after years).

I know that finding new love is the furthest thing on your mind right now, but it’s important to realize that you must take the right steps NOW in order to lay out the foundation for it.

Because the very thing that will free you NOW is also the thing that will enable you to find new love later –

When you are ready for it.

Many people don’t know that. They take the shortcut.

They apply a bandage on a mortal wound and hope it will heal overnight without a scar.

So what exactly is a “right” recovery?

After a long relationship or marriage, we tend to lose the person we really are because we want it to work.

We compromise our own so essential needs.

When the breakup or divorce happens, we find ourselves paralyzed by the notion of having to continue living without them.

The reason for that is the false belief that we really don’t have anything left worth living for.

Having the kids … is that enough?

Being the caretaker … is that enough?

WHAT is it that WE need?

The answer is – we need our “selves.”

We need to gain the understanding that ME is enough.

Me … is all I need.

This is precisely what going through a “right” recovery really means: to put yourself back into the center of YOUR life –

… and really loving it and being okay with it.

That is when your life will change for the better and magical things will happen (as it happened to me).

So what is the first step to achieving all this?

What is the ONE thing you can do right NOW to get on the right path?

The very first step is to understand the nature of your pain and your obsession towards HIM.

When you truly UNDERSTAND everything that is internally going on with you, THEN you will have the courage to face what you need to do.

It’ll be much easier then.

THEN you can make the connection and take the right steps towards freeing yourself.

Hey, so THAT is why I can’t stop thinking of him. It’s NOT because I love him so much…

Epiphanies open the way to the next stage of your recovery.

What is it exactly that you need to understand about the nature of your pain that is so important?

Why can’t I stop obsessing over him even though I know that he’s bad for me?
Why am I so afraid to start the recovery and really deal with this stuff?
What can I do to effectively stop thinking about him?
WHAT is blocking me?
Why do I have the same relationship my whole life?

If you know the answers to those questions, then you’ve come a long way.

The rest is just perseverance and the willingness to push through the pain (that's doable with the right tools).

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there myself, and because I’m teaching this since 2005.

I really want YOU to learn this so that you can stop obsessing over him and start living YOUR life.

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