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If you are going through a terrible breakup or divorce right now, can't stop thinking about them and find yourself unable to move on … you are not alone.

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“Your emails are the only reason I don't cave and text my ex. Thank you.” —Jennifer

“You are the best! You remind me every day to keep moving forward and not look back. You are like my conscience. Thank you for being such a caring person. I am about 90% now vs. the 30% I was before I found your website.” —Lisa

“I have to say that you are on the top of your game. I had a devastating breakup over a year ago, and it affected me tremendously. Your newsletters helped me to not only let go but focus on the often neglected self-improvement aspect of relationships. I have now met an incredible new girl, and I am happier and more content than I've ever been. Truly, thank you for everything you do.” —Ryan

“I seriously do not think I would have got through my sadness without your brilliant advice, your encouragement and your relentless support and I thank you with all my heart Eddie, I can never possibly thank you enough, I have recommended you to folk going through the same awful experience, you are a Godsend to anyone who is suffering this way, my warmest regards.” —Steve