approaching womanIf you are of the opinion that a woman should simply sit there, looking nice, slightly smiling from time to time while waiting for her prince to arrive, then this article is not for you.

If you are, on the other hand, a woman who is living in the 21st century, feeling secure in who she is and willing to take what she wants, then read on.

You will like what I have to say.

First of all, there is really nothing wrong with a woman approaching a man. It shows that she is confident, and that she knows what she wants. Men really like that.

Trust me on this one.

Maybe some of you may be asking yourselves – what does HE know about the secrets of women approaching men?

For one thing, I know what I would like for a woman to say and do if she approached me. (This actually did happen, by the way, quite often).

For another thing, I have interviewed some of my female friends for a simple guide on how to approach and get to know men.

So here it is.

Let’s start with a small list of what I would like to see a woman doing when she sees a man she likes. A wish-list, so to speak, of all the things women didn’t do back when I was available.

This list, of course, will be highly subjective, but hey, maybe you’ll find something that you would like to try:

Just be yourself, don’t “bitch-shield”

I know, I know.

If you are very beautiful, then you get approached all the time, and heavy arrogance is your weapon – your shield to keep away the jerks.

But if you’re not, then what’s the point? Then it’s only insecurity, a fear of getting hurt.

Come on. Nothing from the outside can hurt you. The only one who can hurt you is yourself. Know that.

And what about Mr. Right? Maybe he’s extremely shy. Shouldn’t he also get a chance to get to know your wonderful personality?

Which brings us to the next point.