Approaching WomenBelieve it or not, there is one thing that scares many men more than hell –
that is approaching a beautiful woman.

Why is that the case?

What can a beautiful woman possibly do to a man? Rip his head off? Not likely.

But I understand it. I once was there myself.

It is a fundamental fear of rejection that dominates here.

An attractive woman has lots of power. Everybody is polite to her, wants to get her drinks, wants to be with her. She is a status symbol. An indication of personal power.

And she knows that. But the power she has over you, is only the power that you give her.

Besides the fear of rejection, what frustrates most men as well, is also an inhibitory approach anxiety.

What is approach anxiety?

It is a fear that is implanted in you by society.

Scientific research proves that the only thing a newborn baby is afraid of, are loud noises and free falling. Everything else is induced by the outside world. The environment.

It’s important to realize that. The fear has no foundation.

Approach anxiety is a fear that is implanted in you by society

The bad news is, there is nothing you can read or resolve in your mind, that would make the fear of rejection disappear.

Like most fears that are blocking you, there is only one way to overcome them – by repeatedly facing what you fear.

Repeating over and over again what you fear, and realizing that there is, in fact, nothing to fear, is the only way to make that fear go away.

I know. You don’t like that. I didn’t myself.

The good news is, it takes only 25 approaches to conquer this fear. So I suggest that you start right away!

Since you now know how to get what you wish for, I’d like to give you some insights on how to get this issue done right from the beginning.

Ok, so lets start with the 5 secrets to moving closer to a beautiful woman:

1. Make 3 fast approaches for warm-up

Look for three girls that you like, and are comfortable with, and ask them something. No matter what. Ask for the way, the time, a place to go out since you’re new in town, the next cool bar, etc. Be creative!

You don’t have to get into a conversation, but if it happens, don’t fight it. The goal is to get into an “approaching mood”, and most important, to get comfortable with the idea of talking to women.

You will learn that it’s ok and that nothing terrible will happen. This will remove a lot of tension from you and believe me, your next attempts¬†will be much, much easier.

2. Detach yourself completely from the outcome

This is very important.

In order to make progress and get beyond your fears, I want you to have no expectations whatsoever. No matter what she says or does, I want your life to go on the same way.

Don’t have expectations!

See it as a game. Be playful. You’re there to learn and the only thing you want to get out of this is experience. If you get a number or e-mail in the end, that’s great. But don’t expect anything.

Should you get rejected, so what? No big deal. Just move on.

3. Pay attention to your body language

Would you believe me when I say, that your body language is affecting the outcome of your performance itself? That means, even before you reach the woman, she might have already decided whether she will reject you or not.

Watch your body posture. This subconsciously sends a signal of confidence, and shows that you know what you’re doing. This also increases your attractiveness many times over.

  • keep your head high, slightly above the horizontal line
  • imagine an invisible string tied to your chest, lifting you straight up
  • always lead from your hips when your are walking
  • during the conversation, never lean physically in, always lean back
  • sit and stand always in the most comfortable position. As if you were at home. Lean on a wall, put a leg on the chair, use a chair like a sofa, etc.
  • watch your hands. Don’t hang on to your glass. Put one hand into your pocket, and leave the other one free
  • don’t try to look cool, (if you are, you will anyway). Have a slight smile – always.

This is pure gold.