My 7 Easy Principles For Living A Happier Life

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you have realized that you basically have all you need, but you are nevertheless not happy? Does this sound familiar?

It's not that you're miserable or anything; it's just that something seems to be missing.

“Is that all that life has to offer me?”

I wish I'd been given a dime every time I have heard this question.

I realized many years ago that in order to be happy, you have to find fulfillment in the following three areas:

  1. Love Life
  2. Personal or Business Success
  3. Physical Fitness

Pretty tough and challenging assignment, don't you think?

Wouldn't it be great if there was something you could do that would make your life happier NOW, even though you have not yet reached your goals in all of the three areas?

Well, there is something you can do.

I have collected seven simple ideas over the years that have worked well for me, which you can apply to improve your life now and forever.

Some of these concepts are things you have to do actively – others require a change of mind, a different way of thinking.

If you implement all of them in your life and make them a daily routine; if you anchor them tight in your thinking, I will guarantee you: your quality of life WILL improve. As mine did.

It will make your life better and happier now, while you continue on your way to finding fulfillment in all three areas.

So here they are, the seven small things that will help you to be happy now:

1. Find beauty in everything

When was the last time you enjoyed a sunset? Or a beautiful red rose? Or a poem? C'mon, don't say it's cheesy, just try it!

The key is to pause for a moment and find enjoyment in simple things. Allow that beauty to be appreciated, and joy flows through your body.

This will help you to focus on the moment and to live consciously. In meditation, this is called “conscious awareness.”

Beauty is all around you; you just have to recognize it.

2. Be thankful

There are plenty of things in your life right now that you can be thankful for. Our main problem is that we take everything for granted too fast.

Make a list of at least 10 things that you can be thankful for, and really become conscious of them every day.

Being grateful every day will help you focus on the positive aspects of life. It will be very useful, especially for people who tend to find negativity in everything.

3. Don't judge and evaluate

This is a big one.

You will never believe what a heavy burden will be lifted from you if you simply stop judging and evaluating other people, situations or your own feelings.

Take the people around you as they are, don't put them into categories like “good” or “bad.” Same goes for things or experiences that happen to you. There is no good or bad.

If you wreck your car, then it's annoying at first, but who knows if something really good will come out of it. So the accident cannot be rated in any way.

Also, accept your feelings as they are – never judge them, this is VERY important.

We gain nothing if we judge people or situations. We can only lose and put an unnecessary weight upon our shoulders. Don't do it.

I admit that it's not easy to implement this kind of thinking, but I assure you it will improve your life tremendously.

4. Take part in sports

Find a sport you like and do it. It's only important that it is physically intense, (chess might not be the wisest choice).

Body and mind are connected, so a healthy, well-trained body will project a healthy mind. Everybody who works out knows this uplifting feeling you have after a good training. Not a lot of things come close to this feeling.

Get physical!

5. Learn to meditate

I cannot emphasize enough how meditation can benefit you in multiple ways.

Meditation is the BEST, if not the only way to find your inner-self and thereby your purpose in life.

It helps you to control your thoughts and to find real peace. Have you ever had a time in your life where you could sleep or rest as long as you wanted, but still not feel recovered?

Meditation will give you that peace.

6. Sometimes the easy way is the best

Have you ever been looking for a free parking lot in midtown, in front of a shop you wanted to visit? After half an hour of searching, you give up enervated and park a few minutes away where there is plenty of free space, but you'll have to walk for 5 minutes?

Wouldn't you have saved a lot of frayed nerves and time parking there in the first place?

Are you a penny pincher? Do you spend hours/days/weeks finding something 10 cents cheaper, whereas paying a little bit more for it would have saved you a lot of time and effort?

The point is: always consider your time and effort if you have to choose between two different ways of doing something.

Sometimes simple is the best.

7. Start each day positively

If you start your day positive and do not allow negativity to get a hold of you, then you will notice a change throughout the day. You will be calmer, more efficient and you will handle difficult situations much easier.

Positivity is the key to a happy life.

Bonus: Go to a Tommy Emmanuel concert

It doesn't have to be Tommy Emmanuel, (but his concert was the most uplifting, joyful and inspiring concert I've ever seen). Go listen to some life music you like.

These are 7 principles I try to implement in my life daily. Sometimes it's very easy living by them, sometimes not. But generally, they improve my life tremendously. Just remember: endurance will bring you to success.

I bet you will then discover that life has a lot more to offer then you might think.

You friend,