Self Help and Personal Growth How To Easily Apply The Secret Of Law Of Attraction

How To Easily Apply The Secret Of Law Of Attraction

What determines the outcome of a day? Why are you sometimes up to scratch, and then again, deeply grieved?

The answer is not a manic-depressive disorder.

The answer is your disposition to be affected by certain events. Events that undermine your wellbeing and motivation.

This is the secret of the law of attraction, applied the other way around.

I do not have in mind the kind of events we are all afraid of, (because fear is never a good counselor, and the goal is, of course, to be fearless), so please spare me from enumerating them.

Rather it’s the trivial things, that are not only driving us mad sometimes, but more importantly, they are withdrawing the positive energy from us – if we let them.

Who has not been in the situation where you get up early in the morning, you haven’t slept well because the neighbor's dog has barked all night long, and the second you fall asleep, the buzzer goes off?

You go into the bathroom only to realize that the toothpaste is empty. The only thing that would get you going now is a good hot cup of coffee… well you guessed it, the coffee-machine is busted.

You rush off to work, are late, argue with your superior, lose your job, then drive home only to discover that your wife has run away with your best friend.

Ok… I exaggerated a little. But you get the picture.

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Individually viewed, all of these consecutive events may not be the end of the world as we know it, but they all add up to a certain indisposition – a discomfort that could lead into a disaster.

From then on, you will be unconsciously seeking and attracting more events that confirm your momentary noxious mood.

Every little thing that bothers you carries in itself the seed to a disaster. This is where the law of attraction plays a decisive role.

What would be the solution here?

Of course, don’t give them enough power to distract you from your way.

Easier said than done, you might think. But what to do concretely?

Here's a suggestion – why not start every day in a unique and special way? A ritual that helps us to get going and remember what is important, so that we won’t be distracted by little things. Use the mentioned law to your benefit.

Sound good?

Here are some suggestions of daily morning rituals you can apply to make your day happier and to also achieve your goals. You may choose those that work best for you:

1. Take a quiet moment, and think of all the things you are grateful for in your life.

Don't say there aren't any, there are plenty of them if you think about it.

Visualize them, write them down, make them conscious. Don't forget the things we take for granted. Be deeply grateful.

” Gratitude is an attitude, and attitude is our thoughts, our feelings, and actions. Attitude affects the whole person, the triune being, the three levels of our personality.” – Bob Proctor

2. Watch this video every morning:

3. Listen to Napoleon Hill:

“Decide what you want, write it on a card, carry the card with you, read it as often as possible every day, at least every morning, when you get up and before you to go to bed at night.”

You can also use a screen saver or a visual board, where you pin all your dreams, loved ones, everything that makes you positive.

4. Use Visualizations.

Picture yourself in a beautiful surrounding with your family or friends, a place where you are deeply happy and pleased. It doesn’t even have to be a real place, maybe something you always dreamed about.

Visualize it with all the details. If you are walking on a beach, feel the wind in your hair, the sand under your feet and smell the salty water. Hear the laughter of your children.

This is very powerful.

5. Listen to music you like, and which affects you in a positive way.

It depends on your preferences as to what kind of music you choose. Classical, Meditational, Jazz, Techno – it doesn't matter. All that is important here, is that you get in a strong, positive mood.

Choose one or two of these methods, and try to apply it every single morning. I know you can do it. I do it every day.Positive Thinking

Now comes the interesting part – use any of these images in the methods as an anchor!

You can think of them, should you be bothered by “little things” later in the day.

Let these images be your silver bullets against the evil of negative thoughts. Do not allow them to affect you negatively. Nip them in the bud.

Control your thoughts, and therewith your life.

If you do this every single morning, you will feel a difference. You will be calmer, and develop a more positive attitude. Negative thoughts may creep in in the future, but they will not stay.

And, even if your morning started terribly as described above, you should now be able to turn it around and have a beautiful enriched and blessed day.

Make this technique your daily habit and profit from the law of attraction now!

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano

  • Hi Eddie,
    It doesn’t last for me. I’ve had an accident and am still in the recovery process. The motivation and spirit I possessed after reading the Secret did not last more than a day. I woke up the next morning back to square one; crying and asking God why it has to be me. I also don’t know how to feel happy and grateful because without positive feelings, the secret will not work.

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