Break Up and Divorce 5 Reasons Men Break Up With Women They Love

5 Reasons Men Break Up With Women They Love

Recently, I was going through the newsletter archive of my friend Christian Carter, who as you know, is one of the leading experts in dating advice for women.

There was one particular issue in which the title literally jumped out at me.

It's called, “Five Reasons Men Leave Women They Love”.

A pretty bold announcement for an article.

As contradictory as this statement may seem, I know from personal experience that things like this do tend to happen.

I once left a woman I loved.

Why did I do it you ask?

I'll tell you in a minute, let's first go through Christian's five reasons why men leave women they actually love.

But before I do this, let me make something clear beforehand:

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The reasons that will be stated in the following are NOT putting the women at fault for the men leaving.

It's almost never one person alone who's at fault, (there are exceptions).

As I've said many times over, a break-up is nobody's fault – it's just an occurrence of incompatibility.

Please keep that in mind while you continue to read.

Reason #1: The “Pleasure Principle”

Christian is referring to the old principle that we all seek pleasure and avoid pain. This is a basic human driving force behind everything we do.

He states that men tend to walk away if there is too much “pain” in the relationship, in forms of arguing and “freaking out” about things she doesn't like about him.

This has a huge impact on the decision whether he is willing to put more energy into the preservation of the relationship, or whether he moves on.

My take on this is that it's not necessarily an exclusive reason for men to break up. Nobody likes to be in a relationship where there's no healthy communication about problems and frictions.

It doesn't mean that you have to slug down everything you don't like about him or her, it just means that you have to develop the skill of communication in a healthy and productive way, (see reason #5).

Reason #2: Emotional Experience And The Future

Christian claims that a man draws conclusions from how a woman acts on the “little things” to what she would do when the sh** really hits the fan.

“…if a woman is consistently negative and emotional… and can't get herself together even when a man tries to explain things and comfort her… then a man isn't going to think that things could be any better for them in the future.”

This is a tough one, (sounds even a little sexist).

When I read this reason, everything in me screamed, “NO, this isn't true”. But on second thought, aren't we all doing this?

Aren't we – especially in the beginning of a relationship – constantly testing and predicting whether he or she is “future-proofed”?

And would we split up IF we came to the conclusion that he or she is NOT?

I leave that question in the room… you'll soon know why.

Reason #3: Lost Feelings Of Attraction

Ok, this is a big one. And a stereotype as well.

Do men leave women who they no longer find attractive even if they love them?

Before I tell you what Christian thinks, let me tell you what my opinion on this one is.

I'm going to phrase this blatantly: I think that only “bad men material” leave a woman whom he is no longer attracted to, given the relationship is promising and there are feelings involved, (i.e. it's not just a “physical” thing by mutual consent).

“Good men” will work out their own issues, (yes, losing attraction to his wife/girlfriend might be the man's own fault), they will take all measures necessary to re-kindle that spark of attraction.

But Christian rightly isn't exclusively talking about sexual attraction, he also says that:

“When a man doesn't FEEL that deep level of connection with a woman, at least every so often to remind him of why he's with her, then he'll forget why… and the relationship will become just a whole bunch of “work” to him.”

I think that this is a very solid point. The feeling of connection with your partner is of utmost importance and if you lose it, then you are in trouble.

Christian continues by claiming that the main mistake women make in this situation is to try to re-establish connection by “fixing things”, by talking about it or “working on the relationship”.

A man wants to DO things together to know his relationship is working, (not talk).

I couldn't agree more on this. This is one of the main differences between men and women when they try to fix a relationship.

My tip for you is to set “memory beacons” for your relationship by “experiencing” together. By experiences, I mean things you do together, challenges you master together, enjoyments you live through together.

All the things that really connect you.

Reason #4: The “Neediness” of Codependence

This is, of course, a classic which is applicable equally to women AND men, (in fact, this has a far more devastating effect to the relationship when men are behaving this way).

IF this relationship is everything to you – your life's purpose – and you have nothing else going on in your life, you are neglecting friends, your work, your hobbies, all the things that define who YOU are… then you will appear as needy, (or co-dependent).

And neediness in a relationship is one of the biggest turn-offs ever to men AND women.

After your break-up, were you wondering where all your friends went that you used to have plenty of contact with? Are you wondering why all the things that used to give you pleasure don't anymore? Are you wondering who you became?

The reason for all of these questions is that you lost yourself during the relationship.

“Often times a man will leave a woman because he sees that she depends too much on him and has lost her own sources of happiness”.

Reason #5: “She's Trying To Fix Me…”

I have to admit that this one got me thinking.

Christian writes that despite the common misconception that people can't really change, men CAN change for a woman, but they have to do it out of self-interest.

A man needs his OWN reasons to change.

“It NEVER works, or lasts, if a man simply tries to change for a woman, or for the sake of the relationship.”

So according to Christian, a woman can take advantage of that fact by understanding HIS personal reasons for doing the work for a better relationship.

What most women are doing wrong is that they are trying to make the man understand how it affects HER, not HIM.

“People are motivated by the things THEY WANT, and not what others feel and want”.

Christian suggests that you work WITH your man, instead of against him.

He concludes by writing that one of the most important things is creating that emotional experience with a man. Because if a man is deeply committed to you and the relationship, every “issue” you might have are just bumps on the road… they cannot hurt you.

But if there is no commitment from his side, then every little problem is going to leave him “irritated, frustrated, and
have him wanting to blame you and withdraw”.

My Personal Experience

I told you at the beginning of this article that I once broke up with a woman I loved and said that I'd tell you my personal reasons for it.

The reason I broke up with her – and it was one of the hardest things I had to do, (despite my own break-up) – was because I saw absolutely no future for a life together… and I so dearly wanted a future.

We were absolutely and utterly incompatible in so many ways… but so compatible in other small ways.

Unfortunately, those incompatibilities were the ones that mattered.

So, Christian's reason #2 was definitely the reason I broke up with a woman whom I was deeply, emotionally involved with.

From my experience and knowledge I'd had until that moment, I just could not see a happy and fulfilled relationship future.

Ultimately, I am happy that I did it, because that made the way to meeting my wife, who I am still married to up until today.

If you want to learn more about why men fall out of love, I suggest reading this article:

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What do YOU think about Christian's reasons stated above? Please do share in the comment section.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano

  • she lied to me about her past and she said she was scared I would judge I dumped her because I was breaking my own heart being with someone like that …

  • Breakups are so painful. I am still suffering from pain now. 🙁

  • Can you leave a woman you love because you think she deserves someone better and with more money?

  • That was a really great read thank you!! I broke up with a man I deeply loved and did see a future with (at one time anyway) because he never DID or wanted to DO anything with me. I do a lot of volunteer work and lots of gardening, cooking, physical labor outside of work, biking, traveling, and I certainly don’t want him or anyone to DO everything with me but he did nothing, I mean zero, with me and when I asked him to do anything at all he didn’t even respond- like even Fourth of July stuff or traveling to San Fran or whatever. He is active, and I began making the excuses that he is paraplegic, takes him forever to get anywhere(which isn’t really true) yet he is also active same as I, which is what he said attracted him to me and I him, but I realized he didn’t want to DO anything with me but text, talk and have sex and tell people he was seeing me. He was very upset I broke it off with him but as much as I said let’s DO something then- ask me to DO a thing he just couldn’t and I never understood that. I’m a woman so I can say the same- we want to DO things to and find talking exhausting, and going thru that relationship really taught me a lot about men and how much I do appreciate when they will DO stuff with me and how rewarding an experience doing things and how it’s really just like the ultimate compliment and sometimes sacrifice to do (some at least) things together.

  • Breakups are never easy but if you know who you are and your self worth you will bounce back quickly and not stay sad and heartbroken for too long. My fiance walked out on me and our children suddenly without explanation I was left distraught, traumatized I lived a perfect life with him but he revealed he wasn’t Faithful and I deserved better I was willing to forgive him and keep our family together but he didn’t want the same as I… so i had to be courageous and let him go it was the hardest thing I’ve experienced to this day I find myself thinking of him or seeing something that reminds me of him I’ll shed a few tears and then remember how far Gods brought me what hes Blessed me with since the split up and I have Hope that my future will be a lot better than my past… memories cant be forgotten but we can move forward with more knowledge of what we want in the next relationship and learn from our past mistakes life is beautiful regardless of what we encounter we are blessed to be alive so live life to the fullest because if these men/women can carry on living daily like nothings happened then why cant we the ones who got left behind?

  • You must be kidding says:

    I broke up with my boyfriend because he constantly tested me. Instead of just enjoying each others company and letting the relationship grow organically. We where planning a future together, fell in love fast and in many ways we where compatible. However seeing as things where moving fast my boyfriend decided that he would test me, asking tough questions and set things up to see how I would react in situations. This was all in the space of 4 months. For me the moments of enjoying each others company and the conversations was great, the testing me and seeing my reactions and how I would respond, I felt it was manipulative, he would justify his actions by saying we need to see if we are compatible, and accuse me off being too sensitive and emotional, and would say my emotions are pathetic.

    So point 2 on testing and not just let the relationship grow, I find it to be dishonest and manipulative. Creating scenarios to test a person is not a loving action.

  • The Very Sad Truth says:

    Well it is real fact that most women cause more divorce nowadays since they just love sleeping around with different men all the time. And today many women are sleeping around with other women too since many of these women did leave their men just to be with another woman as well. Go figure.

  • Thank you.. U just helped me. God bless you Sir. Ejiro

  • My boyfriend broke up with me even though we loved each other had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. He was 14 years older than me and said he was too old. I’m still left with this feeling of emptiness and I really don’t understand why.

  • says:

    HELP ME…I am DEVASTATED. FINALLY together after 16 years of waiting and contact and mutual feelings. Married, stood by him through rehab…2 days later he took the ring off, stopped speaking to me and won’t give me a reason why he left me…annulment papers say he was drunk when we got married…I wasn’t…I thought it was real….I am shocked, hurt humiliated and broken…What could I have done that made him end our marriage and even relationship of 16 years with no explanation…

    • He broke up with you 2 days after rehab? Mine broke up with me the week his outpatient rehab ended. It was such a shock! But I did feel him pulling away after he started going to meetings. Or should I call them, ” brainwashing seasions”?

  • It is the most of the women of today that are the ones that really break up with us good men since most of the time these type of women just can’t accept many of us men for who we really are. Today we live in a totally different time since a great deal of these women want a man with a lot of money since they really are very high maintenance, independent, very selfish, greedy, spoiled, picky, narcissists, and very money hungry as well. They will only want the very best of all which they will never settle for less either. Going back to the good old days when most women were very poor and hardly had any money since they had to struggle to make ends meet just like most men did too. So you can really see how the women of today have really changed from the past since most women like I just mentioned already will just want men with money unfortunately which leaves most of us good men out. At least years ago finding love was very easy since both men and women were very different back then which they really had no choice at that time. But there are many of us good single men out there that don’t really care about money which most women now really do since this really makes it very difficult for many of us men really looking for a relationship now. I can really see how very lucky and blessed our family members were back then when they found real love with one another since that was certainly a much better time than our time today.

    • I am a woman and have my own money and my ex-boyfriend constantly was pushing to move into my house and to marry me and I kept telling him no because it was too fast of only eight months by the time the ninth month came along no explanation or nothing he said he didn’t want the relationship .. I had money and he did not he had a good job but I have the assets properties etc. I am very hurt because I feel like I was used and we seem very close in the relationship . So it’s not always about a man having money women have money to .

  • i meet this woman that i thought was so unique . it started of we where good friends in the work place i went to do cover work . she was a top manager in a bank . we use to talk all the time when i was there in her office after id finished the work i was there for . then suddenly she started to leave the office when i was there .one morning i was in the kitchen and she came in and grabbed me by my top. said i love you then ran away . that was when i realised what was going on . i have to admit i did have feelings for this women and she knew it . a lot of things went on for 16 months after that day in the kitchen which i wont say . but all i can say is that she started to change from the women i was in love with to a drama actor. it really hurt me to see this happening i did try to talk to her to tell her not to do that but it didnt work as she started to chase me away from her . i do know that she was worried my attraction was fading which caused the drama to start . it ended up she got angry at me when we both crossed our paths when i was there in work .she did say to me one day your not escaping me . and to a worker there hes not escaping me . i dont know now that after the company i work for didnt get the contract again how this could end as this women really give me a massive lift in my life but now im really hurt by all off this and upset .i know to that she is hurt to i can tell . i just hope that one day we can meet on our travels and have a adult talk about all of this

    • I am sorry to hear about this suffering Gerard. It seems there was a lot of baggage from her past that influenced her behavior towards you, and that it was very little to do with anything you did. I hope you guys can have a talk about it too, but even if you do not, there is a better woman for you out there (you may have already met her).

  • We were together for 6 months. I applied to work in a bunch of places for the state and the only place who invited me for an interview was the place he works at. When I got the invitation I told him and he told me that his ex-wife also works there. A week later he told me that he told her about dating me and she freaked out. Then after I got the position at their work place, he told me that he told her about that and she freaked out even more. We spent one more month together with his ex threatening his to take his daughter out the state and file for divorce and get alimony and child support higher than he was paying to this point. He told her he was ok with all that and that he was in love with me. A day after I started working there he told me everything I wanted to hear for so long. That was in a Thursday. Monday he called me and he broke up with me. I crashed. Couldn’t sleep, eat, or go to work. Next day he called me said that what he feels for me was too strong. We met a day after and our night together was intense. We met again on the following Sunday night, almost bed time. I was upset with that, but didn’t say anything. We met again Monday same thing, bed time and I didn’t say anything. We were going to work together on Tuesday. His ex didn’t stop texting him that Monday and Tuesday morning. She showed up at his house. We all talked. He told her in front of me that he was in love with me and that they should go ahead with the divorce. We went to work together. Walked in together. He went to his department I went to mine. We were supposed to leave together, have dinner, and go to his house, but he emailed me 2 hours before it was time to leave and told me that he needed a break, that he was going to pick up his son to go shopping for clothes then take him to dinner and he would call me later to talk. I couldn’t go home. I was so crashed. I went to his house and spent the rest of the day with his roommate. We went to grabbed a burrito and went back to his house. We talked about my BF. He said that my BF was miserable when married and doesn’t understand why he was doing this. My BF got back home with his son and he didn’t change his mind. He wanted to go forward with the break. I left pissed, which feels better than sad and depressed. But today I saw him (Today is Wednesday 9/19/18). He was super nice to me, but hasn’t contacted me. I love him very much and I don’t want him to be with me if he’s not happy, but I’m extremely confused. Kinda traumatized. I have no idea how I’m going to be able to trust again and go through feeling anxious always wondering if I will be truly loved. I need an expert opinion on this…

  • at first we had broke up. i was coping with him gone. but then he came back into my life. saying we can be together. and get married and everything. i fell back inlove with him. thinking of him all the time. while i worked and everything. i was super excited. full of so much happiness that for once. i finally get the one thing i have always wanted. love. a piece of him forever in my heart. and i in his heart. just before my birthday we had a little disagreement. then he blocked me deleted me off of all his social media.

    i had no idea what was going on. but i hoped that he would at least wish me happy birthday. on my birthday i never received absolutely anything. not a message or any little sweet ecards. nothing. i cried and cried on my birthday and the following day. i tried finding him. i looked everywhere. he was nowhere to be found. i made a new account on facebook. and i found that he was engaged to another girl. the pain i felt that day. could kill someone.

    i still cry about what he did to me. he was and will always be a rotten person. i will never forgive him for lying to me and hurting me on my special day. i realize love between a man and a woman dont exist in this world. because there are so many toxic and poisonous people that ruin people like us that are full of love and happiness. something truly died in me that day. he hurt me. and took my innocence away.

    when i finally got in contact with him after harassing his friend. he was like a different person. he was so bitter and cruel to me. then when i began crying he seemed sad but i could see his crocodile eyes. he did not care for me anymore. the man i fell inlove with was nomore but a liar a cheat and full of evil.

    it has been such a hard journey for me. and some days i dont think i can make it without him. because its hard for me to make friends and really express myself to anyone. but with him he listened to all i had to say. and he understood how sensitive of a person i was. i have noone i can truly talk to and express my sadness and pain to anymore. i have noone in bed with me anymore. i have nobody to comfort me anymore.

    it scares me everyday. i hate being betrayed by someone i would die for. i was willing to give my life for him because i loved him so hard. we were connected in everyway possible. and he was so handsome and beautiful. he knew me mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, and intimately. i never felt so close to a person ever before in my life.

    god why did you have to take him away from me. i hate god for making me feel so much love then snatching it away. oh how this world makes people like me want to die and just not feel anymore pain. why did this world have to make him become so toxic and poisonous. to hurt me and stab me in the heart.

    he is now married and has no memory of me anymore. i hate him so much. oh how love can turn into hate so fast. that is why i know in this world. LOVE TRUE LOVE DOESNT EXIST. i always imagined he would be my noah and i his allie. just kissing in the rain. like the notebook. or we be like shape of water. he takes me far away from the evil. but to my shock he was the very meaning of evil.

    but now i know that love doesnt exist on this world. there is too much evil toxic poisonous people like him on this world that kill people hurt people and destroy what love could be. people like him erase love and drag our hearts down the drain. destroying a perfect lovestory by stabbing the one thing they held on to for dear life.

    i actually paid money to find his twin. thats how crazy i was inlove. i couldnt bare to go on another day without him. because i need another one of him to be by my side. i saw all the time on the news how celebrities like selena gomez, ed sheeran, adele etc. all have dopplegangers. so i paid extra money to try and find his stranger twin. i came super close. i know his twin is out there somewhere. but its best i let it be because i dont want to reopen another wound. go crazy searching for this twin of his. part of me knows that his twin is sweeter and kinder than him anyday.

    i still hate my ex i still wish he would just die. because he made me want to die everyday he took pictures with his wife. and uploaded new photos of him on social media.

    i know now. love doesnt exist in this world because there is too much evil. once all the evil leaves this world and we have utopia then true love will exist. but not in this age. not in this century. people are full of so much bad nowadays and it scares me so much.

    so i vow to stay single and never trust anyone outside my immediate family. ever again.

    i learned a hard lesson. but i pray we all come out alive. and we cope with being brokenhearted. thats what i am doing now. i cry somedays. then smile other days. i cry for him. then i get back up and face another day.

    it breaks my heart because i know so many other girls will have to go through endless relationships still hoping for love. ignoring the evil that resides in his heart. when in reality no man will ever love them. i learned it the hard way. because most men are contaminated with such evil things. but part of their goodness comes out. but in the end evil wins over. and they destroy the very goodness us women have within us and turn us away from utopia.

    but i now have utopia in my mind body and soul. after he broke me. after i learned and thought about what he did to me about why he this to me. i finally built myself back up stronger and not needing a man to comfort me anymore. i love all people even though they are still infected with so much hate and betrayal and evil things. i have finally come to a new realization i have finally come to peace. that we are in a war and we have to fight the wild animal out of us and treat eachother with goodness and stop thinking bad things. i sometimes feel and allow the evil toxic things that surround this planet. get to me. but i try to filter it out of my life everyday now. by staying single FOREVER, and never trusting anyone again. until we all have reached utopia.

    this world tore me apart. but i am back together again. i know a lot of people still dont have utopia. like my evil bastard ex. but i pray we all find it. no matter how many of us must be reincarnated to realize it. i think a lot of deep thoughts now. after my ex. part of it really helps me going. which i am glad about. because i am finally coping and living in utopia.

    • Hannah it wasn’t God who did this we are living in a world where the devil is up to his tricks!! I have the same story but we can not blame God..the devil is the one we must blame for doing this! God is love ..he can heal our hearts!! Keep your head up we will be survivors u will see!!!! Give it all to God!! ❤️ Stacy

  • My ex convinced me to do my 3rd year of med school near him. I moved far away to be with him and 1 day later found out he was cheating. 3 weeks later he left and blocked me because I had “major anger issues” and couldn’t let it go…he ultimately placed all the blame on me and hoped I get the “help I desperately need”. He then told me to go back to the East coast and move on with my life, I haven’t heard from him since. I wish him no ill. I forgive him everyday. Letting go is so hard, but when you realize your worth you release the anger, hurt, bitterness, rage and make room for something new. Something better. Perspective is everything. You can let a situation destroy you or you can learn from the situation and let it push you into success and true happiness.

  • My relationship in itself is or was complicated. We met 7 yesrs ago, became friends, but he was going through divorce at the time, we lost contact and found esch other coincidental over the summer. Things got hot and heavy real fast and we became a couple in June 2017. Rarely saw each other in person but never missed a day without talking. We facetime every day, we even shower together on facetime every sinle night. The reason i say was” is because as of today i realized that i no longer able to message or call him direct phone or via our previously shared social media. I have my highs n lows about the unofficial break up. Highs …because i gave my all and know i was good to him. My lows …set in when i start blaming myself for my insecurities and my neediness, which i made very clear to him as to why i was that way in the very beginning . Besides that his lack of communication made me very insecure. We have a long distance relationship and he travels with his job. I had one requirment of him ” talk to me”even if not voice, text or something…. which he was good at monday through friday, but comes weekend he goes mia and would flip the anger on me for wanting to know why. I admit that i constantly needed reassurance, but it was always triggered ny his 48 to 72 hours disappearance to which he felt he owed no explanation. I fell madly in love with him and i thought he did as well. He promised to never leave me. Said he wanted to spend the rest of life with me. Two weeks now he grew distant and apparently has broken up with me with no explanation, nor a goodbye. I feel i deserve much more respect and love. I dont wamt hin back, but am i wrong for needing closure?

    • You aren’t wrong for wanting closure but its best if you accept he isn’t going to be the one to give it to you. Give it to yourself. From what you described, I would bet money he is in another relationship that keeps him from you on weekends. Write him off. He isnt worth you pining for him. Accept that he is a loser and that is your closure. You deserve better.

    • No your not wrong in wanting closure I had my fiance walk out no explanation he just left. I’d ask him why? I eventually accepted i would never know why. It was hard at first as we have children together. Sometimes we don’t get the closure we want but don’t be too hard on yourself you need peace and your the only one who can give it to yourself so accept hes gone don’t worry about why? how? What happened? etc. etc. concentrate on you and do what makes you Happy.

  • My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago. We lived together and were moving into a new house. 5 days before the move he told me he was breaking up with me and we needed to go our separate ways. He says he still loves me, but he’s not as excited about our relationship as he was in the beginning. He said he didn’t know what decision he was going to make until the day he did it. He still hasn’t given a complete and clear explanation as to why he did it. We never fought and everything was normal. I’m still very confused as so is he. I was his first serious relationship. I think he made a mistake and needs to figure it out on his own.

  • My bf broke up with me after only 2 months of official relationship (for reason #1)… We were really good friends first, but we eventually fell in love, he didn’t want to ruin the friendship first, he friendzoned me a few times so it took a while for things to be official between us. Months later, things were doing great, but I always wanted to communicate, and he never did, he always said I wanted to talk about pointless things. He ran away because he just didn’t want to make any effort and I’m just confused… How can you not want things to work, especially at the beginning of a relationship and especially if you truly love that person ? However, I can’t help but think of him coming back even though he probably won’t. He contacted me a week after the breakup to ask how I was doing and asked 3 weeks later if we could talk because he felt some things were unclear. Should I keep hoping he will come back or is it just hopeless ? He is impossible to read.

    • Hey Penny, I’m a guy who’s been on the other end of your situation myself. He Probably really did like you but was uncertain about you at the same time, keeping himself at a distance and pulling the friend zone card. I’d keep your distance if you want something serious with him, if he wasnt certain from the start then he wont change his mind.

    • Valery Bazaldua says:

      I’m so sorry your going through this… I’m currently going through this and it hurts so bad!! After 5 months my x broke up with me he just told me that their was small little things that bother him …. I asked him what was it and he said I can’t tell you.. idk if it was his religion or if he has someone else idk… and he said he loved me but can’t work it out

  • Ladies, if your man is constantly saying, ok, I’m wrong, I’m sorry, I apologize…..And saying your right, your always right….& You rarely if ever apologize. Its heading south, a man will say these things & withdraw. He knows your not always right! Noone is! The problem here, Is that the other party, (male or female) Doesn’t know it, or Won’t acknowledge it.
    He will be gone soon, & you’ll get to be “Right” all on your own. After a few days of separating, he loves you & he calls you. 29 minutes into the conversation, you remind him of all he is not, all that he did wrong, basically a bitch session. When he hangs up, he will realize that you just confirmed again, ” Your Always Right” Good luck. If you can’t find it in your heart to look at yourself after he called to say I love & do miss you. Then you clearly want to punish him, & most likely, you’ll get to be Right, without him. Because no man in his right mind, will be able to live with ANYONE, That’s always right……..Rip love dp

    • and when your the woman who is doing the ” your right” Sure you can cancel on me its ok” your always right Im sorry to a guy. It goes both ways. I think as humans relationships need to be found 1) if you want kids go do that shit 2) later in life if you want companionship. The kids marriages tend to end up with higher divorce rates.

    • There’s no way to win this one. I think a guy who does that is a coward and never loved the person in the first place. Why say all the time the other one I right? That is wrong in itself. If a guy needs to be constantly apologizing he’s not the one for that girl. I dated a guy like that until the day he exploded. I don’t want to be right. But if you tell somebody the same thing over and over again and he doesn’t do anything about he’s better off alone.

    • You must be kidding says:

      Saying you are wrong and apologizing does not get to the root cause of the argument. Its like saying I give up you win, end of discussion, it does not sort out the disagreement. It is not about who wins the argument it is about hearing each other out, just throwing in the towel and apologizing for the sack off it will not fix the problem.

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