Break Up and Divorce Every Heartbreak Brings You One Step Closer

Every Heartbreak Brings You One Step Closer

“You are one heartbreak closer to being with the person you are meant to be with.”

I‘ve always loved this quote.

It actually comprises two very valuable insights that we must have if we want to get over a heartbreak:

  1. Our Ex may not be the person we are meant to be with.
  2. This break-up has a purpose.

Both of these – let's call them epiphanies – will help you to subtract the futility out of this mess.

Because if we manage to find purpose in this seemingly hopeless situation, then we take a big step forward.

If we acknowledge that there might be someone else out there, waiting, and a better fit, then we take another big step forward.

That's what this quote is about.

That we need to be shaped by pain to find what we seek.

That the pain we feel now leads us to a better life, by teaching us who we are, what we want and how we get it.

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If we ignore this lesson by taking the easy way out, we betray ourselves.

But also … it's an insult to life.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano

  • Eddie,

    I want to believe that this is true. I knew my relationship was not good for me but I gave everything and left nothing for myself to give of myself. I agree with all the posts here. My ex left in June and I am finally feeling better some days as opposed to feeling shitty every single day. That is an accomplishment.

    I told myself I would not put myself out there again to be hurt and devastated like this again. But maybe there is someone waiting. Not sure if I have the energy but I am still
    Hopeful. Keep the encouragement coming. It is so important that we all remain in peace and not in pieces.

  • I love this. So true. If I wouldnt have had to go through this painful break up , I wouldnt have discovered my passions, and rediscovered how many amazing people I have in my life who will never leave me, ever. And I am learning things about myself. Really discovering WHY I withstood so much abuse .. I put up with abuse because I put myself on the back burner. Self love is imperative and I barely had any…

    It really is an epiphany. We get so used to our relationships, toxic as they turn sometimes, that we dont want to deal with the shift and change.

    My relationship needed to end. It was sick , toxic, and he did me a favor by leaving me because unlike all the other times, this time it was for good . The difficult part is not dwelling and not thinking of how amazing his life is now .. he left me for someone else, moved her in right away and now they are having a baby. THis is all in less then one year ..thats why its been a little hard but ive been doing good. Career and education wise I am getting where I want to be .. he was an anchor that weighed me down for too long

  • Arun Kumar says:

    Dear All,

    I truly acknowledge that this break-up has a purpose. I am using this pain as a power to attain victory in other fields of my life and i will post here when I attain something.

    Think just one thing about your ex:-

    “They didn’t betray us, they betrayed themselves”.

    Thanks Eddie.

  • Soldier11 says:

    Love the article ! Thanks Eddie

  • Arun Kumar says:

    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for the article was waiting for your it.

  • Thanks Eddie as always you have it right.I found myself at the hardware store yesterday and quite by chance ended up flirting a little with another customer.He was soo nice,funny full of life, with a great smile and a great wholesome look.I found myself laughing out load and feeling happy for the first time in 5 months and actually forgetting the heavy heart that I have been nursing.
    I think if I really really look deep inside of me I will see that my ex wasn’t the perfect fit for me.It’s just that I didn’t want to let go of the idea that it was right.No it was only part right for me and this time I want it all right.I want to laugh and love and be in love again and I want a wholesome funny guy like the one in the hardware store.
    I am taking a trip in a few weeks and I am going to open up my heart again and smile lots and remember that in this world there will be pain but if you can listen to good people like yourself,listen to the messages that it will be ok,we will endure. We can keep fighting each and everyday but it all starts with us and your gentle prodding for us to keep fighting each and everyday.We are worth it-
    Dwelling on the past only keeps us locked there–and I am tired of feeling in no mans land.I want to get back in the game–
    Eddie thanks for these last 2 posts.I know you must be a busy guy and for you to take the time to send a personal message to some of us on here has meant everything .
    Sending love and blessings to you and yours,

    • Brenda,
      Everything you wrote is spot on how I feel .. The past had chains on me for a long time. Im almost a full year broken up .. I have been doing soo much better, recently found out the ex is having a kid and living a happy merry life with the girl he decieved me over-BUT – I REMEMBER he was not right for me at all in any way shape or form , i could never let go because I to thought he was the one and the right one.. despite his actions and hurtful ways..

      I love your positive attitude, thats how we have to keep going on , we are getting to the good place. A painful break up makes us shed layers and morph into the best version of ourselves. Thanks for your post it inspire me today..

  • Thanks for this Eddie. This is one of the reasons why I continued enjoying my life despite all the hurt of my previous (and first) relationship. I gave my 200% in it, to no avail. Oftentimes, I ask myself, how could a person, whom you loved and cared for so much hurt you and leave you as if you are dirt? Well, like you have said many times before, I have no control over anyone but myself. A painful truth that I discovered the hard way.

    This article gives me hope, that someday, somewhere, someone will show up and erase all the negative experiences I had as if my heart was never broken at all. However, there are those moments when I feel that I am just too impatient for that moment to come and I tell myself I will never love again. But you’re right, every pain, every downfall, there’s a lesson, which, will help me become the best person that I can be for the best person for me. 🙂

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