The Solution To The Obsessiveness

The Solution: What You Need to Do

Here’s what you have learned so far:

  • The breakup has triggered the fear of the unknown and instilled the belief that you can’t handle what’s coming.
  • The over-obsessing about your Ex is merely a symptom of an underlying cause.
  • Your suffering is similar to an addiction and has to be treated as such.
  • The underlying cause is the “Hidden Core Pain-Points” that have ruled your life until now (dysfunctional relationships witnessed throughout your whole life).
  • Time alone won’t heal you sustainably.

So, what is the solution here? Other than just eating tons of ice cream, ripping apart photographs, and waiting for time to do its thing?

Going through the list above makes the healing concept evident:

You need a “holistic” healing approach:

  • Treat the symptoms of your breakup (stop obsessing over them, missing them, loving them).
  • Treat the “addiction,” so-called, to your Ex.
  • Identify and resolve your unique “Hidden Core Pain-Points.”
  • Focus on your self-reconnection.
  • Let go of them permanently and open up again.

This is a new, sustainable recovery plan.

This is an approach that will prevent future breakups from happening by strategically resolving all the causes of your pain.

It's not just a quick fix that makes everything go away temporarily.

This is the way that will bulletproof your heart by getting YOURSELF back and NOT your Ex.

Take a shortcut, heal partially, and you WILL find yourself in the same situation again very soon.

(Maybe that’s the way it’s been your whole life?)

How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex And Bulletproof Your Heart

It’s time to BREAK this cycle. It’s time to solve this problem once and for all.

You shouldn’t spend one more minute in a “limbo-state” ; you must start your recovery immediately.

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