I can handle anything quote

“I can handle anything that life throws at me”.

Isn’t that a bold statement?

To say that there is nothing out there that can knock you over?

Maybe not quite so arrogant if you think about it.

What this actually means is that whatever struggles life can concoct and force upon you, you will be prepared.

It’s the certainty that you have survived an excruciating time and that you could survive it again … if you had to.

The problem, though, is that life will not stop giving us hard times and treating us “unfairly.”

Sadly, no.

But if we knew that we had the tools, the self-knowledge, and power to get over ANYTHING … we would never bow or surrender.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal to achieve in life – the ultimate benefit after a breakup?

Because no one can guarantee that this was your last breakup ever.

But what I CAN guarantee you, is that should it happen again, it would NEVER devastate and make you feel helpless again.

You’d know what to do.

That is if you do the recovery work, (yes, there’s always a catch).

I believe that to be the ultimate freedom:

Knowing that there is nothing that can get you off track and threaten who you are.

You might think, “It’s easy for him to say, he’s been over his Ex for years. He’s done everything right, but me, I’m still in the middle of it struggling. I cannot possibly make such a courageous statement.”

I know exactly what you mean.

But let me tell you one of life’s most fundamental truths that I’ve learned:

If you want to become someone you are not, start to think like you already are that person.Click To Tweet

This is the principle of the law of attraction.

Tell yourself, “I can handle anything that life throws at me,” even if it sounds so ridiculously wrong.

Eventually, you will get there.

And there is not a force in the world that can prevent you from reaching this goal.

It is solely in your hands.

We have survived, and we will continue to survive.

I’ve witnessed it so many times. It really works.

Think of the freedom this will give you.

Think of what this would do to the fear you have when trying to start something new.

Nothing could ever stop you.

Because we can handle anything that life throws at us.

We have survived, and we will continue to survive.

Out of our strength, there will come opportunities, inspiration, and new perspectives.

We will be re-born with a bullet-proof heart, being stronger and even more capable of giving honest unconditional love.

So it’s not just a bold statement.

It’s a testament to achievement, a life motto.

An outcry of strength – we have suffered, and we have prevailed.

We are stronger, wiser, more self-confident and we love the person we truly are, (if you don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about you must join me.

We can achieve ANYTHING… and certainly, handle life’s challenges without getting broken.

Tell me what you think.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano