Relationship Advice 10 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend (If You Want Him To Run)

10 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend (If You Want Him To Run)

Women are constantly testing us.

It's a fact.

They do it not because they consciously want to – they do it because nature forces them to do so. It's hardwired into their brains since Early Man. Nature has made sure that the only children to survive are the healthy and strong, to ensure the overall survival of the tribe.

So women have to be extremely picky. Even today. Especially today.

By the way, we men are “brain wired” too when it comes to selection for mating. Why do you think that we prefer large breasts?

Most women have cultivated a deceitful detection system that can spot freaks and wackos. Some have taken this to a level of perfection. They smell if the wrong man is around them.

What is their secret weapon, their scanner for unworthy sperm donors, you might ask?

They use questions (among other things).

The best of them are asking questions, all of which you would NEVER have guessed as to what's really behind them. They are masters of love-profiling. If you make it through their test, you really are the “King of the Cave”.

But sometimes you will encounter women who are, let's say it carefully, not so skillful when it comes to choosing the right questions to ask. Their questions, although having an honorable intent, unfortunately, have the effect to scare the men away, or even to make them run as fast as they can.

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Not quite the outcome nature has hoped for.

I've compiled a list of all the best of the worst questions to ask your boyfriend for your amusement and determent. Ask them, and you will see him run (if not, then you'd better run!).

So, here they are:

The Top 10 List of the Questions to ask your Boyfriend (if you want him to run)

10. Do you like my bottom?

This is a classic. Who has not heard this question in his relationship at least once?

A very attractive woman once said to me: “If we ask you how big your bottom is, you'd better tell the truth. If we ask how big another women's bottom is, you'd better lie”.

You could get in trouble with a wrong answer.

9. Would you like to go shopping with me?

Uhh, this hurts. Going shopping with a woman is always a pain.

The trick is to find the perfect middle between, “this dress looks perfect on you”, and “buy this if you want to go hooking”.

8. Do you mind if your best friend joins us in bed?

No comment here.

7. If we were a Hollywood movie-couple, who would we be?

This is a question only a woman can think out.

The answer on this one? You better find a good one. I'd say “Beauty and the Beast”. Leave open who the beast is.

6. Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend before?

Trick question.

This answer to this one is of course “Me? I would rather die!”

5. What would you do if you were alone in the Playboy-Mansion with 250 Playmates and all are famished?

Yeah, of course: “one must feed the hungry”.

4. How many people have you had sex with before me?

Don't mention that you've been in the Playboy-Mansion before.

We all know what happened to Don Juan DeMarco when he confessed to Donna Anna.

Don't do it!

3. Can you explain to me how to handle a [complicated technical device]?

Have the patience to explain or send her to an electronic store. Choose wisely.

2. Will we be together forever and marry one day?

I was asked this once after 2 months in a relationship. Man, I didn't know that I could run so fast.

And the Number 1 of the questions to ask your boyfriend is:

1. Would you tattoo my name on your upper arm?

That's it. The worst questions to ask your boyfriend.

If you as a girl have asked one of these questions before, I would suggest that you train your skill a bit more. These are absolute no-nos. There are plenty of questions you can ask without scaring your boyfriend away.

As for you guys, in another article, I will teach you how to handle and react best to these annoying testing-questions.

Until then, weigh up every answer. A wrong one could get you into deep… trouble.

Your friend,

Eddie 😉

P.S.: If you want to learn some “real” questions to ask your boyfriend then click here.

  • I think this is a sarcastic article?

  • He didnt run and he said he wants to marry me and get a tattoo of my name but in his neck and I’m going to get one of his name on my hip or somewhere down there.

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