Dating Tips How To Be More Attractive To The Opposite Sex

How To Be More Attractive To The Opposite Sex

How To Be More Attractive To The Opposite Sex

Let me tell you a little story.

Over 18 years ago there was this great guy. We were good friends and spent most of our free time together. He was a super handsome guy – I mean not only attractive, but he was also some sort of a model.

He had this gift when it came to meeting girls. There weren't any who could resist him. I mean, they would keep approaching him, and they all behaved like hypnotized.

No matter what place we went to, be it a club, a bar, a library, even at a gas station, he always somehow managed to find the most stunning girl I had ever seen, and he always got their number.

Every single time.

Amazing. Shocking.

Needless to say that it was fun sticking around with him, as I'd always profit from his pickups, (the girls had “friends” of course).

The question was: How did he do that?

I remember that I always thought, “No problem.  If I had his Brat-Pitt-meets-George-Clooney-face, I would be a lady-killer too”.

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So I thought.

Unfortunately, we then lost sight of each other for some time.

Almost 12 years later I was in a bar when suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder. It was my lost friend. But what had happened to him? I nearly didn't recognize him.

He was a shadow of his former self.

He had lost most of his hair, gained at least 60 pounds weight and one of his front teeth was missing. It was a shock!

But he was still this great and fun guy to be with, and we really had fun that day!

Just as I thought that his great time with the ladies was likely over, (I admit, I've always been a little jealous), three gorgeous looking girls entered the place and went straight for the bar.

He immediately stood up and headed straight in their direction.

I was dead certain that he had gone completely loco. Most certainly they would rip his head off.

He disappeared out of my site, so after 15 minutes I went looking for him and expected to find him destroyed in some corner.

He was far from that. I would never have expected what I was about to see.

He stood there leaning at the bar while surrounded by these beauties.  The hottest one was literally hanging at his lips, consuming greedily every word he was saying, laughing, everyone enjoying themselves.


(Tony, if you are reading this, you are my all time hero!)

Then it suddenly hit me. I simply got it. It was like a revelation.

Being successful with girls has nothing to do with being physically attractive.


This also works for women:  you don't have to be a model to attract guys.

Yes, I hear your question: what is it that makes someone attractive to somebody?

Ok, without further ado, here are 5 short tips for being more attractive than you may really be (this works for both, men and women):

1. Be different

Have you ever met someone and you instantly thought that this person was something else? He or she stood up against the crowd by behaving, talking and dressing different?

Be that person.

2. Be a stand-up comedian

Humor is a huge attraction booster. We feel comfortable around those who make us laugh.

There is actually a good book that teaches the principles of being funny, (yes, you can learn it). You might want to check it out: “Comedy Writing Secrets” by Melvin Helitzer.

3. Be cocky

Don't say amen to everything – tease her/him, poke fun at her/him in a respectful way.

This is a core element of David DeAngelo's philosophy.

4. Do not show (sexual) interest right away

Behave like this is your best friend. This goes especially for men because men tend to be hypnotized by extremely beautiful women and behave unnaturally. This is usually a turn-off for the other person.

Just imagine that it's your best buddy and behave accordingly.

5. Be an experienced conversationalist

This is something which really CAN be learned and practiced. Learn some main principles and practice, practice, practice.

Find some great tips to start with here.

There, you now have some short tips which I think will help improve your effect on women/men. I suggest that you work on them.

It certainly wouldn't hurt if you had some knowledge about “The Game” (for some tips start here: for guys and girls).

Physical attraction helps. There's no way around this.

But it's not the ultimate goal getter.

There are some special traits you CAN develop which will boost your attractiveness with the other sex.

Learn it.

Practice it.

Apply it.

Then you can be like my friend, who will never be alone, as long there is one attractive female left on this earth.

Your friend,
Eddie Corbano

  • AngellaEllisha says:

    I must say that I am hooked on your blog now.
    I’m almost 31, still single, still “available”. I’m always told how attractive I am, but apparently, I’ve been doing everything wrong (according to your posts). But I’ll see if I can switch a few things up. Maybe I can convince you to be a guest writer on my blog 🙂

  • great! i’ll take your advice! thank you!

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