Dating Tips The 2 Best Pick Up Lines Ever

The 2 Best Pick Up Lines Ever

Pick Up Lines
Graphic by Eddie Corbano

Guys, I know you waited for it, yearned for it, and finally here it is, as promised – the groundbreaking article on the 2 best pick up lines ever that will change your life!

But wait a minute.

Didn't I say that there is no such thing as magical pick up lines that make women lose their minds? And more importantly, didn't I say that there is no such thing at all as a working pick up line?

Well, you’re right… and you're not.

Actually, I also wrote that, if you had the right mindset and body language, you could say pretty much anything you like AND be successful.

Practically, that means you could go up to a beautiful woman, have the right body language, voice tone, a bright smile and say confidently, “Come here often?”, and you WILL score.

As simple as that.

Of course you know it's not simple at all. It takes months to develop the proper mindset.

So what do you actually say when approaching a hot woman?

Again, wait a minute.

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First, allow me to specify the most common mistakes men are making when they approach a woman and deliver the line.

The most frequent mistake is clearly the importance and relevance men are giving to the approaching line itself.

I have said it many times the lines alone will not get you where you want to be. Some may even scare the girls away, or make you look stupid.

Another mistake that is often made is in the delivery itself.

Wrong body language, voice tone, low self esteem, insecurity, laughing and looking back at your friends.

All are signs that you are not standing behind what you are saying.

Non verbal communication is far more telling. The girl will feel like you made fun of her, and she will react accordingly.

Having this in mind, it should now be clear what you need – a line that conveys everything a girl likes when being approached. That is what the two best openers will do.

This is not manipulation, it's honesty.

So, no more delaying, here they are – the ultimate, most unbelievable, sensational, magical, best pick up lines ever:

1. “Hi”

Am I kidding?


Simply say “hi”. There is no hidden agenda behind it, no innuendo, no “routine”, just a friendly honest “hi”.

Well, the condition here is:

  • to be natural
  • to be spontaneous
  • to be confident
  • to have the right body language and voice tone

That is really all.

Of course this isn't new, maybe you just have not thought about it in your search for what to say when approaching a woman.

David DeAngelo often said, that people are always looking for the shortcut, but they didn't realize that this is actually a process, a state of mind you have to change.

So, this isn't a classical opener per se, it's more an introduction without saying your name. Nobody will turn away a “hi”.

How it will continue after that solely depends on your experience and your ability to relax, to be confident and to let the conversation flow naturally.

I bet you are curious what the second line is.

2. “I like you and I would like to get to know you”

Say it slow, deliberate, emotionally intense and confident. Maintaining eye-contact is very important here.

What is the “magic” behind this?

  • you are 100% honest
  • you are playing no tricks
  • you are conveying that you are confident and know what you want
  • you are standing out of the crowd

Girls LOVE that.

I admit, it is not at all easy to walk up to a girl, especially if she's stunningly beautiful and perform an opener like this. It takes courage and practice.

But the biggest advantage is, if you are honest and not trying to play the cool guy, you can not do anything wrong.

Girls, tell me, how many men have ever approached you in this way? None? One?

I guarantee you, you will experience a headrush and butterflies in your stomach from this kind of approach.

It takes a real man to do it.

By the way, this is called a “direct opener” in the community, (the guys who made a science out of this), and the guy who first wrote about it was Ranko Magami, (Shark). To each saint his candle.

You now have the equipment to get started. Just remember to be natural and confident.

Now go out and meet some beautiful girls.

All the best,
Eddie Corbano

  • James Sav says:

    So i should say “I like you and want to get to know you” to a girl I have never talked to in my life?? Wont the I like you part be kind of creepy??

    Thanks for the help.

    • Trust my judgement and try it out, she won’t bite your head off. Then post your results here.

  • Hey Eddie, I am new to your site although, I am not new to the community. Let me first say that I love your openers both “Hi” and “I like you and want to get to know you”. I have a opener I have used on the women I am interested in and have had it work. What do you think of “I really feel that you are a open person and have a naughty side to you so I would really like to get to know you!”. By the way, I don’t try to be more confident or funny than I am but this works for me but not for my friends who are good at game. Why?

    • What I’ve learned back then when I was still “in the game” is that it’s really more important HOW you say the opener than WHAT you actually say.

      That is the reason that some things work for you and not for others…

      Bottom-line: everyone must find his personal opener that he can convey the most authentic way possible.

  • how about this one men it works on me really well

    I would enjoy starting out as friends and seeing what happens

    or If I had a nickel for every beautiful woman I’ve ever met, I’d finally have (pause) a nickel.

    • tristanislas says:

      how about talking to a girl over the internet

  • Thank you for sharing.

    These are so called “situational openers” and they work really well.

    As always, attitude and confidence is everything.

  • hi guys.. you should say this …
    I sent an angel to look over you at night. The angel came back a minute later and I asked it why. It told me “Angels don’t watch other angels.”

  • god !! what should i say ?.. should i tell here that i love her? or i just keep it as a secret ?? can someone give me a script ?? that surely perfect

  • Mfender07 says:

    IF I could rearrange the alphabet… I would put “U” and “I” together.
    If you were a burger at McDonalds, I would name you McGorgeous!
    Are you from Tennessee, Cuz your the only TEN I SEE!
    Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again!

    Come on guys.. “Hi” is a greeting not a pick up line! I say hi to everyone I meet, call me crazy but I thought that was common practice! If you want to pick up on a girl.. make her laugh, compliment her, buy her a drink. its not rocket science!

  • Doctorsack says:

    Guy: “Hi. I was wondering, how much does a polar bear weigh?”

    Girl: “How much?”

    Guy: “Enough to break the ice… my name's ______”

    This line works wonders.

    Also, Eddie's suggestions too. Just be honest and confident.

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