Dating Tips The One Pick-Up Line That Worked For 30 Years

The One Pick-Up Line That Worked For 30 Years

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Throughout all of human history, most men have faced the same one challenge: to approach a woman they don't know, but whom they are attracted to.

Over the centuries, the methodology has changed, but what it always comes down to is the line you say when you finally take your courage in both hands and walk up to them.

They call them “pick-up lines.”

Admittedly, an unworthy label for such a necessity in dating.

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The singer, Rod Stewart, claims to have used the same line when approaching women over 30 years and it worked EVERY time.

So he says.

Well, maybe his status as a celebrity also plays a role.

But honestly, this chat-up line has everything you need to be successful:

  1. It's situational
  2. It's non-intrusive
  3. It's not too personal
  4. It's more or less honest
  5. It opens up a conversation as it demands an answer


Well to put you out of your misery, here's the line Rod kept having success with for 30 years … decide for yourself:

“Go up to a woman and say, in your best Cockney accent, in a tone of genuine curiosity, ‘What have you got in that handbag?' It worked for me every time.” (Source)

Well, I don't know about that Cockney accent, (being different is always good), but I'm sure it also works without it.

I for one love it! Try it out and tell me how it went.

Your friend,

  • @NathanCSays says:

    Well, as a celebrity, he probably has some women at “What have…” which is how long it takes to look up and register, “That’s Rod Stewart!” while he’s delivering the line.

    I have a reverse method that has worked many times. I say nothing. Make some eye contact a few times. After a while, I find women start talking to me. This started for me honestly because I was shy! But women saw it as mysterious! They had to know what was up with the guy not trying to pick up everything in the bar. Try that Rod Stewart! Uh.. never mind. Stick with the Monty Hall method!

  • Hahaha good one Rod Stewart.I would say back to to him “what haven’t I got in this purse” and go from there batting my eyes at him lol lol,smiling my sexy smile!
    I haven’t had a date(apart from the ex) in 4 years and just thinking about going out to a pub and flirting,yeah maybe I can get my mojo/moxie on! think I am up for it .
    So all you sweet men reading this remember this line and approach da ladies, someone really special might be waiting for you! cheers Brenda

  • Oh, dear, Rod Stewart advising on a chat-up line in a faux cockney accent – how many times has he been married? He practically considers himself Scottish over English, anyway, so suggestion of a regional English accent is quite amusing.

    However, the meaning is clear. Have the audacity to speak to someone you like, in a bar/pub, train, or supermarket and say ‘hi’. If its genuine, said with humility and with confidence, I’m sure the response won’t be negative. What’s the worst that can be said? No?

    The journey back can be fraught and a steep up-hill climb but there is often days that can through the process that will be fantastic.
    The future has always been uncertain, when you were in that relationship or out of it – life offers not garentees but make sure you embrace it.

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