The One Pick-Up Line That Worked For 30 Years

One of the biggest problems you face when walking up to a woman you’d like to know is simply knowing what to say. They call them pick up lines, but is there really one that is non-intrusive and not so much cheesy?

Well one celebrity claims to have used one for 30 years, and was always successful with it. Do you think in would work for you?

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Signs That You May Be Addicted To Your Ex

Is a romantic rejection such as a break-up also an addiction to your Ex? Are YOU addicted to your Ex?

Research shows that this might very well be the case. You crave your Ex like you would crave any other harmful substance one might be dependent on.

Read on to find out whether you are addicted to your Ex and how to break free from it.

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How To Re-Discover Your Identity After A Relationship Split

How To Re-Discover Your Identity

A relationship split usually leaves us alone and devastated. What we will discover later is that we sacrificed parts of our personality to that relationship. That’s why a big part of break-up recovery is to actually re-discover who we really are.

In this article you will find two effective techniques on how to re-connect to your true “self” and be the person you were destined to be.

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