No-Contact Help: How To Fight The Urge To Contact Your Ex – Part 2

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  • Say everything you want to your Ex, get it out of the system

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  • I have been in no contact with my ex for so many times now. He is still not ready for a relationship since his divorce of 2.5 years now. I was dating him 2 months out of his divorce. I knew he wasn’t going to be ready emotionally since he was married for 17 years.
    We have been in a recycled relationship because he is t and can’t give me what I want since he had to go through his withdraw period. How can I move on? He is not ready to give a relationship right now. Any advise to how to keep my mind away from contacting him?

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  • well i did day three it was long.. and i came close to contacting but pulled myself back.. you are all such an inspiration.. and micheal ur pain must be so so hard but just think u have got to day 30 wow x

  • 30 days no contact
    Sarah, what can I say. I still miss us. Last night I came in from offshore and went to our friend’s house… played some darts like the good old days. I saw your name still on the score board. Hattie noticed what I was looking at at I could see the pain in her eyes…. as I’m sure she saw the pain in mine. How could you abandon us all like that. We had such a good thing going on. We had such opportunity with my job. We had our home, our dogs, our friends, our life. I was so good to you, why was our life not enough for you? I care so much about you, and I gave you every chance to better yourself, to do the things you loved, and gave you all the things to take charge of your life and to better us and strengthen us as a life long couple. We all miss you so much. As mad at you as we all are for the things you did, and the decisions you made, we still long for you to be a part of our lives again. We are slowly moving forward, but everyone else has people to move forward with, and I’m sitting in our home alone, looking at the dogs’ footprints in the yard. I’ve removed everything you left behind, but I can’t remove the memories that we shared. I look at the empty mantle place where all our pictures were. I look at the empty spots on the wall, where I can still see the outlines of our captured memories used to hang. even the mailman can see how hurt I am, and wont even deliver your mail here anymore. Everyone is going to the event tomorrow, but I can not. I know you will be there with your new man, and it will be just too hard to see you there. I remember when I used to make signs telling you how big of fans me and the dogs were of yours, and you seemed so happy in those days. What happened? You seemed so happy to have the home so nice for me when I would come home from work, and had nice dinners for us planned. I remember sleeping in with you, and finally getting up to make you a fresh pot of coffee, and sitting up late at night watching our show together. Why did you decide to cheat on me, after how good I was to you? How could you possibly think I deserved that? How could you pretend to be so happy for so long, to only turn around and do what you did, and get engaged just five days after leaving? How can you not miss me and the dogs, after we shared so much, and so much to look forward to? I wonder every day if you miss me. I wonder every day if you regret your choice, and just don’t see a way back to our life.
    I have made some great goals, for me and my future. To learn and better myself through this, but I can’t help but wish that we were still growing together. You quit on us, and our friends. You quit on our dogs. You quit on yourself. I wish you would have still let me be there for you. I miss you so much Sarah. My family misses you. Our friends miss you. Our dogs miss you. This house has become an empty shell. My life has been empty since you’ve been gone. I try to focus all the time, on the opportunity I have to grow from this, and to gain MY life back, but deep inside I still miss you. I wish you could see things from my eyes. I wish you could feel what I’m feeling. I wish you would just come home Sarah. I loved taking care of you, cheering you on, motivating you through life. I loved being the one to have you in my life.
    I wish I could send you this letter, but I know I can’t. I have to let these last feelings go. I need to let go, so I can continue my growth as a person, but I’m afraid once I do that, you will never come back to us. You should never have betrayed us like that, you ruined the great things we shared and the great things we could have accomplished together. You should never have used us for your gain, and then hurt us so bad in the process. I wish there was a way you could know the pain you caused the people that actually loved you.

    • teeenybubbles says:

      *hugs* Michael. I’m not very good at comforting, but I offer you my virtual arms and virtual shoulders…

  • teeenybubbles says:

    Dear you – not you you, but you,


  • Piteus – how are you??? Madison

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear You –

    We love you and we’ll always be here for you. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s always a process … we’ll get through it together.


  • Hi Eliza….from what I hear if someone cheats -the relationship is already in big trouble, and the cheater usually will do it again. As another counselor has said “past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior” So Eliza, read what Eddie has to say. Read what he has to say about getting closure- that you don’t need it, cause you won’t get more than just another piece of glass thru the heart. This guy doesn’t deserve you. You deserve honesty, and loyalty and someone who values those principles. But most importantly you have to value yourself!!! All of here are struggling to regain some sort of dignity in the face of heartache, so keep writing . We’re listening. Madison

  • He called and texted me after nearly 20 days of NC!!!! I maintained NC and i feel so miserable! I wish i could just tell him how much i miss him too and how i want things to be alright… i wish.

    • Hey Dalz….. try to remember where I am. Back to square 1. You got thru 20 days. But there it is – your resolve- (You “wish”). I note you didn’t say- I will text him back. Sleep on it . Talk it out . Then see how you feel. Bless ya . And Good luck! Madison

  • for all of you guys here some of the music I have been listening to that has been helping me, some sad and some empowering are Adele’s 21 cd and Mumford and Sons’ Sigh No More-

    hope some of the tunes in your earbuds will help your heart a bit. xo

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