Break Up and Divorce No Contact Help: How To Stay Strong And Not Text Your Ex

No Contact Help: How To Stay Strong And Not Text Your Ex

Maintaining No Contact with your Ex-Partner is probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

To make it easier, you try three things that will help you resist the temptation, stay strong, and just get through it.

No Contact Help - Let's survive the 60 days together
No Contact Help – Let's survive the 60 days together

Believe me, I know how horrible this is.

You wake up in the morning, and the pain rolls over you like a tsunami. All you want to do is text your Ex and make this all go away.

But you know that you can’t. It would only make things so much worse.

As a result, you are confused, frightened, and just don’t understand WHY all this is happening.

I know, I’ve been there.

But you are not helpless.

You can make it through and I will show you how.

Why You Are Struggling With No Contact

You have to accept that you are suffering from a form of addiction.

Still thinking of your Ex? Click here to learn WHY and what you can do about it.

Therefore, the concept of No Contact after a relationship breakup is very similar to alcohol or drug rehab:

Avoid the very thing that you are addicted to.

In other words, get your butt as far away from your Ex as you can.

You need time to heal and detox from your Ex.

I’m sure you are having a rough time with this. I certainly did. It's hard.

That's why before we continue, please make sure that you read my extensive guide about how to practically apply the rules to your situation:

No Contact Rule After a Breakup: The Definitive Guide

It’ll help.

“No Contact Is Killing Me.”

There are times when you miss your Ex so much that it hurts. Picking up the phone and texting or calling them would be so easy, wouldn’t it?

But would it also ease your pain or help your recovery?

No, it won’t.

Trust me, it won't.

On the contrary, actually.

Let me tell you something:

There is NOTHING your Ex can say to you in a phone call or text (or personally) that would reduce your pain in the long run.

They can only make it worse.

You DON’T want to know how they are doing (it is more than you can handle).

Also, NOTHING that you do or say will impress or endear them to you.

This is a fact that is very difficult to accept.

How the No Contact Rule Works

Just to reiterate:

No Contact means entirely NO CONTACT with your Ex, either personally, by phone, through social media, email, or short message.

It means NO Facebook stalking, NO phone harassing and NO parking/driving in front of their house.

Big NO, NO, NO to any of that.

You do this for a full 60 days.

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But what do you do when it’s really getting tough, when missing your Ex becomes so unbearable that you pick up the phone and are about to call?

No Contact Help: How to Get Through

Three proven methods will help you stay strong during that time:

1. Distraction

The human brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time. So, if you are about to contact your Ex, have a list of prepared distractions ready that you can put into action immediately.

The best options are things where your brain is involved, where it has to figure out something. For example, do research on a specific topic, take quizzes, try puzzles, etc.

The more work your brain has to do, the better the distraction.

2. Call a Friend

When you are close to calling your Ex, call a close friend or a relative instead — a so-called No-Contact Buddy.

They will talk you out of it, as well as some sense into you.

3. Post HERE!

Let ME be your No-Contact Buddy.

Post in the comment section below:

  • Your No Contact Count (in days).
  • Everything you want to say to your Ex — just get it out of your system! (No profanities please.)

How to Stay Strong During the No Contact Period

DO NOT CONTACT that Ex, put it all here! Unload all your anger and longing into our comment section.

By sharing your No Contact struggle with the LovesAGame Community, two things will happen:

  1. You will find that the need for contacting your Ex will be much less.
  2. The replies of other readers will give you hope and strength.

Having said that, now it’s your turn. Post below and let’s help each other.

Your No-Contact Buddy,
Eddie Corbano

  • MysweetRose says:

    4th full day, I just dont want to think, or wake up…my heart feels like its racing so bad, that it will stop, and honestly, I would not care right now…1 year of being together after a 5 year alone period after a 20 year marriage. He gave me hope again. Now I am lost.

  • lost angel says:

    We had no contact for 5 days. And I am not sure where to begin with this. I’m sure it won’t make much sense as I am the one that broke off the relationship. And, yes, I am having immense trouble letting go. In July 2018, I discovered my live-in boyfriend (of 7 years) was having an affair. Turned out to be an 8 month long affair, which to his credit, he did end all contact with the woman immediately. I was hurt, angry, devastated and kicked him out. I didn’t talk to him for 3 weeks with the exception of a few texts so he could get his stuff out of my house.
    Due to our involvement with in a local youth organization, we are forced to be in each other’s company once a week. And slowly over the next 15 months that followed we talked more and more and he kept apologizing and doing all these sweet, caring wonderful things for me. He was doing everything he possibly could to show his love and commitment to me. And soon enough we were back together (living separately) and things seemed to be getting better. And I thought I could forgive him and get over the affair. But the longer we continued, I noticed that I started pulling away. I starting doubting him and feeling very insecure not only in our relationship but with my ability to actually get over the affair and . While I forgave him, I was having trouble trusting him. I told him I was having trust issues and he was very understanding and offered to show me his phone, and share his location so I would know where he was all the time and even share his calendar. I considered this awesome, but it didn’t feel right. I don’t think this is anyway to live! So the more I was distancing myself, the clingier he became. He wanted to be with me every free minute and struggled with the days my boys are home with me and I couldn’t be with him. He’s never been good with boundaries and I’ve never been good at making sure he adhered to them, but I found myself getting very firm about not giving in to him. Things finally came to a head 2 weeks ago and I told him I was done and couldn’t do it anymore. He was furious and said he considers all his effort the last 15 months a waste of time. We had a few joint memberships that were just renewed and a few other things to separate that we took care of over text and email which was ok. Not easy, but we did it. So if you’ve read all that you must be wondering why am I the one that is having an issue with letting go; why I can’t stop thinking about him? I don’t know and that’s why I am here! Ending the relationship was the right decision and I know that. The icing on the cake is that after breaking up only 10 days ago, he already has a new girlfriend. Why am I the one hurting so badly and struggling to let this all go?? 🙁

  • 2-days clean. An 18 month affair was exposed & we on D path….Of course at first court date I hear It love you & always will’…9 yrs married after HS Sweethearts reunited; we 50/48. I can’t text her but very tempting…hard accepting all. Need to make it through day 3.

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