Why You Must Un-Love Your Ex

Un-Love Your Ex

How do you stop loving someone? How to overcome the battle between heart and mind? It is one of the most difficult decisions in life, to deliberately “un-love” your Ex because you know it’s the right thing to do. But HOW do we do it? As always, a long journey begins with a decision and the first step. Please read on.

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Signs That You May Be Addicted To Your Ex

Is a romantic rejection such as a break-up also an addiction to your Ex? Are YOU addicted to your Ex?

Research shows that this might very well be the case. You crave your Ex like you would crave any other harmful substance one might be dependent on.

Read on to find out whether you are addicted to your Ex and how to break free from it.

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The One Door We Keep Looking At After A Split

When one door closes, another opens. But what we often do after a split is we stare and the closed door for a very long time, hoping it will magically reopen and everything would be as it was before.

We need to face the “painful corridor” and watch for that special door that has just open for us, brimming with new possibilities.

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Getting Over A Break Up – The Final Chapter

One of the most asked questions after a break-up is: How long will it take to get over my Ex? The answer is not so easy to give, we have to go through all the phases and some make them faster than others. But some may also ask themselves how they know for sure WHEN they are finally over them?

There is a final test that you can take. It will either tell you that you made it, or it will throw you back in your recovery.

Will you write the final chapter of your break-up?

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