Why My Relationship Failed… And What You Can Learn From It Today

The reasons for a relationship ending are not always obvious to the one who was left alone. One of the true benefits of break-up recovery is that we discover what went wrong, and are able to learn from these mistakes.

When I got to the point where I was aware of what led to our break-up, I knew exactly where I had to improve and what I had to avoid in future relationships. It was a painful realization, but my marriage wouldn’t be the same today had I not faced it.

Do you know what went wrong in your relationship? If not, please read on.

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How To Re-Discover Your Identity After A Relationship Split

How To Re-Discover Your Identity

A relationship split usually leaves us alone and devastated. What we will discover later is that we sacrificed parts of our personality to that relationship. That’s why a big part of break-up recovery is to actually re-discover who we really are.

In this article you will find two effective techniques on how to re-connect to your true “self” and be the person you were destined to be.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With You – Book Review

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

For most of us comes a time after a breakup or divorce where we ask ourselves that one specific question, “Is there something wrong with me?”.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most destructive questions you could ask yourself.

If you decide to dwell upon this, then you are really damaging your self-esteem.

On top of this, we tend to look into our past for some more “evidence” that there really is something wrong with us. By doing THAT we start to take a really dangerous road.

For all of you out there who are suffering from a broken heart right now, I want to tell you this:

“There is NOTHING wrong with you!”


A few weeks ago I stumbled over an extraordinary book, which addresses this very topic. It’s called:

There Is Nothing Wrong With You – Going Beyond Self-Hate” .

It’s written by Cheri Huber, a student and teacher of Zen for over 30 years. She is pretty famous for that subject as it turns out, and with good reason.

This book fascinated me the second I took it into my hands, because it looked so “weird” .

It uses a handwritten font and self-made graphics, but the more I read it, the more it made sense. It makes the whole book seem a lot more personal.

The book starts with a simple yet so powerful sentence:

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How A Relationship Break Up Can Be Your Best Experience

How A Relationship Break Up Can Be Your Best Experience

For most of us, one of the most painful things we can experience is a relationship break up. It’s like losing an important part of yourself. But what if I told you that a relationship break up can turn out to be a very good thing for you? What if I said that it’s a chance to find yourself again and examine your priorities and your place in life?

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The Magic Formula For Overcoming A Break-Up Fast


Most of the successful break up survivors have a life goal, which is independent from their relationship. This could be a business, a work related career or a success in sports. Anything that satisfies an ambition you are passionate about and which makes you happy. It is important that your relationship or marriage is not the only thing that’s vital in your life.

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Dealing With Anger After A Break Up – Part 2/3

Anger After A Break Up

In part 1 we talked about how to know when we are consumed by anger, what anger really is and why it can be fatal to “stew” in it.

Today, I want to show you some ways for you to express your anger, and how to get rid of it without harming others or yourself.

First of all, I want you to realize that feelings of anger and hate after a break up or divorce are very human. We committed ourselves emotionally to one person, renounced many other things which were important for us just to be with him/her, hoping it would last forever.

Then the beloved person leaves. All our hopes and dreams were shattered. Who wouldn't be angry or even hateful?

Please don't condemn yourself for feeling this anger. It's normal and understandable.

You have the right to be angry!

Allow yourself to feel this anger but forbid yourself to express the anger in harmful violent ways.

Accept it.

Remember: you alone are responsible for your feelings and not your Ex. They've decided to leave, but it's your responsibility to free yourself from all negative emotions.

If you cannot express your negative feelings and try keeping them inside, you will postpone the healing process and even worse: the negative emotions will lead to depression and physical discomforts.

Let's get rid of them, shall we?

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