My Life With A Narcissist – Part 1 – Is Your Ex One?

My Life With A Narcissist

Narcissists are out there and they are destroying lives. They need to be exposed and people need to be informed so they can be spotted.

Our dear reader Marcy wrote a long post about her personal experiences with a narcissist, what she learned and how she got out.

This is a must read so that you immediately know how to react if one happens to cross your way. Please read on.

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3 Reasons Why I’m Happy I Went Through the Pain of My Breakup

When we decide to start our recovery after a breakup – and this has to be a conscious decision – we are often faced with the frightening prospect of pain and suffering. It then helps to remind ourselves of WHAT we really want to accomplish.

When I look back at my personal recovery journey, there are three main reasons WHY I’m happy to have gone through the pain. Will they apply to you as well? Please read on…

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Why My Relationship Failed… And What You Can Learn From It Today

The reasons for a relationship ending are not always obvious to the one who was left alone. One of the true benefits of break-up recovery is that we discover what went wrong, and are able to learn from these mistakes.

When I got to the point where I was aware of what led to our break-up, I knew exactly where I had to improve and what I had to avoid in future relationships. It was a painful realization, but my marriage wouldn’t be the same today had I not faced it.

Do you know what went wrong in your relationship? If not, please read on.

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