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5 Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love

Why do people suddenly fall out of love and how is that even possible? Isn’t real love supposed to be eternal?

What first seems so unimaginable for those left behind after a breakup, becomes bitter reality. People do fall out of love and there are 5 main reasons they do so.

Please read on to learn about these reasons and what you can do to prevent them from happening.

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The Need For Revenge On Your Ex: How To Use It To Fuel Your Recovery

Revenge on your Ex. That’s what you want when you start your recovery. No matter how, we want them to feel our pain. While taking revenge might help us short-term, the anger must be resolved in healthy ways… ways that profit us and don’t do us harm.

There are many ways to do this, but there is one in particular that helped me most during my break-up. Read the following article to learn all about it.

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What Your Ex Left Behind

Right after the break-up it is almost impossible to see the big picture. All we feel is loss and grief. It takes some time before we realize that we make a mistake when we think of the love we felt for our Ex.

Is it a separate entity that can exist without the person of our Ex? Watch the following video that is heart-wrenching and inspirational at the same time. It illustrates so profoundly what it means to love and to let go. But heads-up, read the article first, before watching the video.

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The Ultimate Goal After A Break-Up

“I can handle anything that life throws at me”. This is not just a bold statement, it is a testament of strength of someone who has gone through hell and back. Someone who survived and earned the certainty that nothing can bring them down.

But there’s more. Please read on.

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Are You Letting Go Or Just Giving Up? Rules Of Disengagement

There will come a point in your recovery where you have to take a very important step – letting go of your Ex. If you are ready to do this, it will bring you freedom and boost your self-esteem.

But there is a danger here. A fork in the road that can lead you in a false direction. Read all about how to avoid taking this wrong turn in the following article.

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Why You Must Un-Love Your Ex

How do you stop loving someone? How to overcome the battle between heart and mind? It is one of the most difficult decisions in life, to deliberately “un-love” your Ex because you know it’s the right thing to do. But HOW do we do it? As always, a long journey begins with a decision and the first step. Please read on.

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The Reason Why Your Ex Broke Up With You

Right after a breakup, we torture ourselves by trying to figure out that one question that we think will make a big difference – the “Why”. Why have they left us, why have they said and done all these things to us? It seems so important, so vital to our recovery.

Is it really? Please read on.

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How To Cope With The Finality Of A Breakup

One of the most difficult things to cope with after a break-up is this awing feeling of finality. That you’ve reached a point-of-no-return. But what looks as something insurmountable is in fact the best thing that can happen to your recovery.

Please read on, you will understand.

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The Number 1 Tip To Survive The Holidays After A Break-Up

Everybody who has ever suffered through a break-up knows that the holidays are, by far, the toughest time of the year. Everybody around you is happy and celebrating.

What YOU have are happy memories and the certainty that everything will be different this year. That’s why you have to take an alternative approach, getting our of your comfort-zone by following my number 1 tip to help you survive this years holidays.

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The First Step In Break-Up Recovery

Your break-up recovery begins with the first step. You must take this step in faith, even if you don’t believe in it. Once you take it, a whole new world will open up for you.

The first step is arduous and painful, but it defines your whole recovery journey, because it is a precondition to your healing.

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