Getting Over A Break Up – The Final Chapter

One of the most asked questions after a break-up is: How long will it take to get over my Ex? The answer is not so easy to give, we have to go through all the phases and some make them faster than others. But some may also ask themselves how they know for sure WHEN they are finally over them?

There is a final test that you can take. It will either tell you that you made it, or it will throw you back in your recovery.

Will you write the final chapter of your break-up?

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A Very Special Long Distance Relationship Tip

Special Long Distance Relationship Tip

Maintaining a long distance relationship is hard enough, is there a way to make the distance more bearable? When I was in the same situation we developed a technique together how to fight upcoming jealousy and how to strengthen our bond day in day out.

The technique is called “Daily Reports”.

Want to know more? Please read on.

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How To Break Up With Somebody In 7 Steps

How To Break Up With Somebody In 7 Steps

Everybody knows that it‘s a devastating experience to be left by someone you really love, be it a break up or divorce. We all have gone through this at least one time in our life. But the fact that it is also very difficult to be the one who actually leaves is something you only know if you have experienced it.

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The 2 Best Pick Up Lines Ever

Pick Up Lines

The most frequent mistake is clearly the importance and relevance men are giving to the approaching line itself, because there is no such thing at all as a magical pick up line. But with the right body language, voice tone, a bright smile you can say almost everything, and you WILL score.

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11 Worst Corny Pick Up Lines Ever

Corny Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines, pick up lines, everybody is talking about pick up lines. Seemingly the main ingredient in dating and approaching for generations. Did you know that there is one magical pick up line, so powerful, so hypnotic that the person hearing it immediately falls in love with you?

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