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About this site

EddieMore than 9 years ago, I had to endure a very painful break up, which brought me to the very lowest point of my life.

My fiancee left me out of the blue, as it appeared to me, from one day to another. I found my whole world, dreams, hopes and plans shattered.

I was forced to take a closer look to my inner self, and believe me, it was not pleasant. I had to tear down and question everything I learned, just to find something that I did not know at that time – the real me.

The Breakup

I was devastated.

After several months in shock, I felt that I had to consciously decide whether I wanted to continue like that, or to start trying to go uphill. I knew that I had to take control over my situation, rather than to depend on time to heal my broken heart.

But the decision was not easy. It seemed much easier to give up, to abandon myself to eternal pain.

But then something very strange happened.

A very distant relative, that I barely knew, called me surprisingly and asked for a meeting. He had heard about my situation, and wanted to talk to me.

He then gave me some mind-blowing insights, a totally new perspective that completely changed my point of view.

Believe it or not, after that, I took the measures he recommended warmly to me, and was getting positive results very quickly.

The Healing

It took me almost 2 years for healing and growing into a personality that is so much richer and stronger than it was before.

Surprisingly, the coping-process solved many other problems in my life as well, which were not related to my relationship at all.

It was all tied together.

Step after step, I was making progress. Wall after wall was pulled down. Issue after issue resolved. That was sometimes, if not always, a painful process.

I had to let go of things that were taken for granted for so many years.

The Dating

After I recovered from my broken heart, I felt that the time was right to get to know someone new.

It was then I had to realize, that I absolutely had no idea how to attract and date women. At that time, I fortunately ran into David DeAngelo.

That came in very handy, because he offered just what I needed.

It also opened a door to a whole new world for me, not just about “dating” and “seducing”, but also about my general view of life.

Solving this issue, that I had struggled my whole life with, skyrocketed my personal growth, for it also changed my view towards life, work, and success.

The healthy Relationship

The next logical step was, of course, learning how to build a successful, new relationship.

Looking back now, I realize that the break up was the best thing that happened in my life.

If you would have told me that then, I would have laughed in your face, (if I’d had the stomach for laughing). It would seem ridiculous.

But I know now that it is true.

If I hadn’t gone through that whole healing and learning process, I would be making the same mistakes over and over again, forever.

Moreover, I would never have been able to break through the vicious cycle of breaking up and grieving. Now I know better how to decide whether a relationship has come to an end, and if I break up, how to get over it in the shortest amount of time.

Giving it back

Since then, I have worked with many people, men and women equally, helping them to get back on the right track by applying the same techniques that saved me.

Working as a BreakUp-Coach, and the release of my Ex-Detox System too, makes it possible for me to give back what I’ve learned.

Getting over a break up is like climbing a huge mountain. It’s arduous, painful, and you may slip and fall back from time to time. But sooner or later, you will get to the top.

You will look down into the valley proudly, and then you will realize how strong and solidified you’ve become.

I can show you some secret shortcuts through the hazardous and vicious trails of that mountain that will get you safer, and faster, to the top.

So, this blog is mainly about personal growth – how to get the most out of a traumatizing experience like a break up, and head into the right direction after that.

How to get over it in a shortest time, and in one go, solve all the hidden issues you have in your life.

Is it written from a male perspective? Absolutely.

Is it useful to women as well? Absolutely.

Firstly, I believe that the complete process is exactly the same for women and men. They are just behaving differently.

Secondly, I have helped many women over the past few years, and I am pretty sure I know how to deal with these little differences.

Gal or guy, I am going to lead you through the complete process I went through myself. Hopefully, it will help you to get through this difficult time in your life, and lead a happy and successful life.

Have faith, and find the greatest love of all inside yourself, for then only you will be reborn and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

All the best and yours truly,
Eddie Corbano